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Revamp Your Home To Become A Summer Retreat!

Revamp Your Home To Become A Summer Retreat!

A new season is the perfect time for a change in the home. You might like to spring clean your house, or even just give it a revamp. Why not turn it into a heavenly retreat!

Your surrounding environment plays a key part in your mental health. Your house is indeed an expression of you, and many believe that the way your space is set up can assist in your day to day thinking.

Setting up the home in a style that is suited to you and your interests is said to promote comfort and inspiration when you carry out your daily tasks.

So with the change of season why not revamp the home to become a summer retreat? Spend the season with clarity and peace of mind.

Summer is the best time to promote air flow through the house, just by opening the windows it has been shown to not only improve your health but improve your mood too.

Fresh air reduces condensation that can cause household mould, all the while allowing you to enjoy breathing in the fresh outdoor air you may otherwise miss out on if you are carrying out tasks indoors.

You can promote that “Retreat” state of mind by lighting your favourite candle, oil burner and incense stick around the home. The gift of scent is the strongest link to memory, and burning a candle of a particular scent (we LOVE the Coconut and Lime Love Ludie candle we featured in our Summer Box) can evoke a memory of where you have enjoyed a similar scent before – such as a beach retreat or a summer holiday in Fiji.

Ensuring you make the most of the natural light that summer has to offer is important. It not only lowers that electricity bill but is said to positively affect your mood.

Rays filled with vitamin D shining into the room are said to promote the happy hormones that allow you to enjoy the day and those whose company you share.

To jazz up that favourite space we use the Eyota Clothing Boho Beach Blanket that is included in the summer box. This beach towel/sarong can also be hung on the wall to brighten up a dull space or to introduce pattern to a room.

Fresh planted greenery can not only cleanse the indoor air but enable you a “project” that allows you to have some “me time”. Brightly coloured summer prints or quote cards can also be hung on the walls or sat on desks and benches to add comfort to your home and promote positive thinking.

The possibilities involved in a summer revamp are endless. Seek influences that you are drawn to and keep an open mind when searching for ideas. This home of yours could become your summer retreat haven!


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