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FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

About us

We want to live in a world where everyone is empowered to live a life aligned to their truest self. A world where saying yes to yourself before others is a sign of self-love, where health is a holistic view, that takes into account the physical, the mental and the emotional. We believe that you should feel alive, feel inspired and feel connected. We believe that you should be able to feel your magic running through your body.

Our mission? It’s to provide you with all the tools to help you find that magic, and then live your life by it. Whether it be through our boxes, the incredible businesses we partner with to fill them, the free content or the community, we provide you with the tools, the knowledge, the guidance and the support to help you make better decisions for yourself. The end result? A version of you that is happier, more inspired and fulfilled.

Our impact

Stress has become an ever-present factor in everyday life. It’s become over glamorised and an acceptable state to constantly be in. And because of this, stress has quickly become silent quicksand to our wellbeing. We get so busy, life gets so loud, our calendars get so crowded, that we forget what it is that makes us feel at peace. And when we forget what those things are, we forget to prioritise them. All of a sudden, we are living a life in constant fight or flight mode. We don’t pause, we don’t check in on ourselves, we don’t do the things that we know are a cornerstone to our own wellbeing. We get caught up in the rip current, we get taken out to sea and land can feel awfully far away.

We created Retreat Yourself to be a life raft of sorts, a way to put your health at the forefront of your mind, a way to check out of the busyness of life for a short while and check into yourself. A way to give yourself a breather and to remind you of what is actually important, both in the grand scheme of things, and ultimate to you too. We created Retreat Yourself to help you discover what health looks like to you and who you are when you prioritise it. Since our creation, we’ve been doing just that, helping tens of thousands of women across Australia find their magic.

Meet the founder

Meet the founder

Kate's Story

"I came up with the idea for Retreat Yourself when I found myself in the corporate industry after 9 years of working, volunteering and travelling around the world. Because of the things I’ve seen and experienced, I think I had a different perspective of life, which allowed me to notice some major flaws in the health industry and also in the way we’re living our lives.

The flaws I noticed in the health industry was that it’s very much focused on food and fitness as the main road to wellness, with a lot of focus on aesthetic changes being a measure of health. Of course, food and fitness are necessary components of a healthy life, but it is not the whole picture. Total health includes the condition of your mindset, it’s how you manage your stress, it’s how you calm down after a busy day at work, it’s how much sleep you’re getting, it’s your perspective, it’s the way you feel about yourself and the people around you.

I also noticed the skyrocketing rates of anxiety, depression and stress, and the lack of anything much being done about this from a health and lifestyle perspective. It seemed so backwards that in the third world countries I’d lived and worked in, the percentage of people experiencing these kinds of health concerns were minimal, yet in parts of the world where we literally have everything at our fingertips, no one seemed satisfied or content.

I saw how fast things were moving and how much pressure there was to “be this,” “look like this,” and “have this”. There is so much demand on us to perform every minute of every day and we just haven’t been doing anything to adapt except trying to keep up! Our minds and bodies were not built for this kind of pressure and to be quite frank - living this way is unsustainable and the statistics back this up! Living in fight or flight mode is the new normal and feeling stressed, anxious and unfulfilled is not uncommon for most.

I wanted to create a product that wasn’t just a ‘product’, but actually had a hugely positive impact on someone’s quality of life. Something that encouraged them to slow down and pause for a moment to refill their cup, that helped them find more happiness, fulfilment and a sense of wellbeing in the hustle and bustle of this modern world. Something that gave them a way to ‘retreat’ from the chaos of daily life, without having to spend $1000’s to go away on a health retreat or months of planning.

I also wanted to create a brand that encouraged people to think outside of the box when it came to health, and to make minor improvements across multiple areas of their life, resulting in a dramatic increase in their overall sense of wellbeing. Because ultimately, health is a vehicle that provides you with the energy to live your happiest life.

Initially, I wanted to start a coaching business to work with people (women in particular) around creating a healthy work-life balance, building self-confidence and getting a good handle on their health and wellbeing in a holistic sense, so I left my corporate job, studied Holistic Nutrition, Personal Training and started a website/blog.

But this wasn’t enough, I wanted to reach people on a MASS scale. I kept thinking of the idea of sending a ‘retreat in a box’ to people, where they’d get to discover products that would act as tools to living a healthier life and also had information inside that almost acted like a ‘coach’, educating them with life hacks and ways to look after themselves. I then wanted to create an experience around this and build a community to support these ongoing lifestyle changes.

I’d seen the subscription box model around and loved the idea of promoting products created by others who had also quit their 9-5 or secure salary to start their own business and also other brands who had an aligned vision, so when the idea for Retreat Yourself came to me I pretty much wrote a business plan that day and never looked back.

Retreat Yourself is my baby and every day I wake up excited and fulfilled knowing how many peoples lives we're touching with every box."