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FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

Retreat Yourself is the missing piece to your wellness puzzle.

We release four themed Retreat Boxes per year - on the first day of each new season. You can either purchase them separately, or subscribe and save. Each box encourages you to slow down, make your health and wellbeing a priority and put yourself first, as well as introducing you to conscious brands who have been carefully chosen to create a wonderful retreat at home.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

You make a decision to prioritise you

You decide you are ready to become your most magical self and subscribe to receive a retreat delivered right to your door at the start of each new season (every 3 months). Or, you decide you’d like to gift a one-off box to yourself or someone you love, to trial the Retreat Box experience.

Step 2

Your boxes are delivered to your door

At the start of each new season, we'll send you a brand new, specially-themed Retreat Box delivered to your door. Over the course of a year, you’ll receive over $800 of conscious wellness products plus all the guidance, knowledge and support you need to make positive improvements to your physical, mental and emotional health. For more information about our shipping and billing windows, please see here

Step 3

You increase your knowledge

Through each retreat, you gain further insight and increase your knowledge about yourself and what health and wellbeing looks like to you. With education and guidance from each box, you learn how you can reach your most magical state of being. 

Step 4

You connect with like-minded people

When you say yes to yourself and subscribe to Retreat Yourself, you join a wide community of like-minded people who are taking steps along the same path to wellness as you. Share tips, tricks, stories and experiences and connect with people who will support you as you reach your highest potential. 

Step 5

You improve your life

When you spend the time to get to know yourself so deeply, when you spend the time to care for yourself so fully, your quality of life improves. When your life improves, you are happier, you are more fulfilled and your light shines so bright that those around you are lifted up too.

The Retreat Yourself Difference

We believe that wellness is all-encompassing. It’s not just a Sunday evening pamper session. It’s not just nutrition. It’s not just how you move your body. And so when it comes to creating our boxes, they are never just a cardboard box filled with products. There is more to them. There is more to us. Everything we create has a deeper purpose in mind and is always founded with the following key features in mind.

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Retreat Yourself today

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