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Introducing the 'Rise' retreat.

Introducing the 'Rise' retreat.

Order now and your first box will be the 'Rise' retreat, inspiring you to embrace each day, connect with your power and thrive.

About the 'Rise' retreat.

The world needs you to awaken the magic inside.

The world needs you to show up for yourself. The world needs your magic, not a mediocre, watered-down version of you. The world needs you to be completely in love with who you are so that you can spread that love, kindness and compassion to others. The world needs you to make decisions with clarity and kindness, decisions that are not clouded with stress and anxiety. The world needs you to support from conscious brands, the ones who are doing their part for people and the planet. The world needs you to enjoy your life and love who you are, so you can shine your unique light bright and be that change you want to see in the world.

YOU need to Retreat Yourself. You need to awaken the magic inside.

The Retreat Box Experience

Slow down. Open the box, scan the QR code to access your curated playlist and take a few mindful breaths.

Taste, try, smell, touch and explore over $200 of full-sized conscious ‘Retreat Tool’ products.

Dive into your Retreat Guide. Read, write, question, be inspired and connect with you

Enjoy your retreat activities, linked by QR code. Stretch with yoga or settle into meditation.

Finish your retreat refreshed, reconnected, relaxed and feeling alive.

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The Retreat Yourself Difference

We believe that wellness is all-encompassing. It’s not just a Sunday evening pamper session. It’s not just nutrition. It’s not just how you move your body. And so when it comes to creating our boxes, they are never just a cardboard box filled with products. There is more to them. There is more to us. Everything we create has a deeper purpose in mind and is always founded with the following key features in mind.

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