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3 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Collagen Bar

3 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Collagen Bar

Not all collagen bars are made equal. Want to know what collagen supplement is best? The team at Krumbled Foods have explained the 3 things to look for when buying a collagen snack for beauty or health benefits.


If the collagen snack or beauty bar you're looking at has more sugar than collagen or protein in it, put it back where it came from and walk away slowly. It isn’t anything more than a candy bar dressed in gym clothes with a full face of makeup.

Did you know that collagen cannot be absorbed if there’s a high sugar content? Sugar is known to impair the body's metabolic function and break down collagen and elastin in the skin - say hello to breakouts, acne, and possibly cellulite. When there are high amounts of sugar in your collagen bar, any sort of benefits that the bar claims are nullified. Your body favours sugar before it does collagen.

For Kumbled, the low sugar content in their Beauty Bites was an absolute non-negotiable.


When choosing your collagen snack, the collagen percentage in the bar must be over 2500mg - anything less and you won’t be seeing results.

Some sneaky companies brand themselves as having collagen for 'beauty & health benefits’ on the front of their products but they don’t specify the amount or type they use on the back. Some companies don’t even have it labeled on the back at all. This generally means they have very little in them or there’s something to hide.

Collagen, Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, Protein, and Gelatin can all refer to collagen but are also very different products with very different properties. So when companies bundle all these ingredients together and just name it protein, it doesn't accurately tell you what the active ingredient is.

Check the back of the packet to make sure the active collagen in the bars/snack is Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, and if it doesn’t list it or the amount is not there at all, put it back. 

Vitamin C

Just like Collagen, Vitamin C in both the skins’ epidermis and dermis has been shown to decline with age. Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in collagen synthesis, collagen production, and the general maintenance of healthy skin.

Specifically, Vitamin C helps to boost the body’s levels of glutathione, the major antioxidant produced by the body to combat oxidative and free radical damage, assisting in the prevention of cellular ageing. 

Krumbled Foods aim to take out the guesswork for you. What you see is what you get. Krumbled use 3800mg of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, have a very low sugar content, contain 97% of the RDI of Vitamin C PLUS the added benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics. It’s truly the snack that loves you back. Real beauty food, real results. 

You can check out Krumbled Foods' full range of Beauty Bites on Krumbled Foods and follow them on Instagram or Facebook @krumbledfoods for more information about their Beauty Bites. They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community: RYSPRING for 20% off online (one use per customer) until 01/12/2020. 


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