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5 Top Tips For Nailing The At-Home Workout By Anna Chisholm

5 Top Tips For Nailing The At-Home Workout By Anna Chisholm

 As a business owner, a health coach and a mum, the time and space I have available to workout is ever changing. One week will look completely different to the next in terms of time and location, which fuelled my need to find a routine that was super flexible!

For myself and for my clients, I know the value of movement not just for the body but also for the mind and working with mums at all different stages and levels of fitness, means that I need to be encouraging and coaching an exercise routine that is as flexible as their Lorna Jane tights!

Mums especially need a way of exercising that is transportable, hugely flexible, full of variety and which will fits in with their busy lives!

It is also super important to me that however people choose to workout, it is going to be sustainable for the long term. There is a reason why so many people have gym memberships which they are paying for but not using. People simply don’t have the time!

So here lies the Home Workout. Whatever this term means to you, there is no denying that exercising in the comfort of your own home, particularly on days where you are time poor, is a fantastic option. However, if you are going to ditch the spin class and sweat up a storm near your sofa, there are a few important things to consider if you are going to get it right!

So here are my 5 top tips for nailing your home workout!

1. Follow an online workout - If you are new to exercise or at least a home workout newbie, a great tool for getting the most out of your session is to follow along with someone else. There are loads of free online sites now where you can work up your sweat at the same time as the online trainer or if you are really serious you can subscribe to a paid online training program. Try propping the laptop up on a chair outside and move your body in time to their instruction. If the online trainer has a social media platform or community this can be a fantastic way to share your progress with others. Get some hot tips on how to perfect your form or tailor the exercises to your fitness level. (My all time favourite place for online workouts is

2. Try some basic equipment: Home workouts can be effective whether you have equipment or not. Some of the most epic sessions I have completed, have been done with nothing more than my gym shoes and a small carpeted area in my living room! However, for those who need more stimulation and challenge in the form of workout gear, there are a few things I would recommend. My top choices are Kettle bells, skipping rope, sandbag, chin-up bar, yoga mat.

3. Use a timer: Sticking to timed intervals or even a distinct timeframe will help you stay motivated. When there is no bootcamp trainer yelling instructions, or perky fitness instructor up the front leading the charge, it can be easy to pull up short. The phrases like “ I've done 8 pushups, no one will know if i complete the last 2’ or ‘I feel like Ive been working hard for half an hour” when its only been 10 mins are commonly enter the mind.  I use a interval timer known as gymboss ( which helps me keep on track. You can also use the timer on your smart phone if you’re new to the game and want to keep things as simple as possible.

4. Support & accountability - There is nothing like having someone in your team to tell you you’re doing a great job! If you are working out at home with no one but yourself (and maybe your dog) to see your efforts, it can be difficult to maintain motivation. Having a coach, a buddy or even your partner to hold you accountable can make or break this new fitness regime. My clients have come to expect an email or text from me on a Monday asking them to send through their workout plan for the week. Having someone to hold you to task can double your chances at success!

5. Workout outdoors whenever possible: There is nothing like fresh air! Filling your lungs with oxygen and exposing your body to natural light is game changing! Even if the majority of your home workouts are done on your living room floor, a gymnasium in your building or even at your kitchen bench, try to mix it up once in a while. In order to keep you motivated, encouraged and enthusiastic about your home workout program, I would always suggest getting outdoors to move your body at least once a week. Take your session to a local park, find the closest hill to your house for some challenging incline runs or take a walk along the soft sand on the beach to get your heart rate up. It will do wonders of your body and mind!


Anna coaches  women who want to lose weight, boost their energy, get fit and create a life they are passionate about living. With a background in nutrition, social work and personal training, Anna works with women in all areas of their health to set and achieve personalised goals! You can find out more about Anna & grab her free smoothie guide at


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