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This is how we choose the products to feature in our boxes

This is how we choose the products to feature in our boxes

I'm sure by now you would've seen that we work with some pretty incredible brands each season! And based on a recent poll we ran on Instagram, I know that many of you have wondered how we choose the products to go inside. It’s a question we get asked a LOT; “What is your process to choosing the brands? How do you decide who you feature?”.

Well, we thought we'd share our process with you. We want to let you in on how we do things behind the scenes, and choosing products is a BIG part about what we do. We work with up to 100 brands per year, so it’s something that takes up a huge amount of our time.

Here are the main things we consider when choosing the products to feature in our boxes:

  1. We check where they are located - are they a local Australian or NZ owned business?

It's more important now than ever before, to support local, so this is a hugely important part of our process. We want to make it easy for you by finding brands that you can feel good supporting, knowing they are locally owned.

  1. We look into who they are - are they a purpose, values or heart-led business?

We ensure that the brands we align with have a greater purpose, mission or vision that works towards making the world a better place. The more brands we support that are doing great things, the more impact our boxes have.

  1. We research their brand story - does their story align with ours?

Are the brands we're working with run by real people who have the best intentions for their customers (and subsequently ours)? We want to ensure that their story is in alignment with ours, and that we hold similar values.

  1. We check their ingredients and manufacturing - do they pass the RY test?

There are way too many products still being made with toxic chemicals, so we stringently check the ingredients in the products we source, to ensure they are actually good for you and mother nature.

  1. We try the product ourselves - does it get our tick of approval?

By testing the products ourselves, we ensure that the product is of good quality and that we enjoy the experience of using it, which hopefully means you'll like it too! 

  1. We play real-life Tetris - does the product fit?

An extremely important part of the process - We need to make sure that the product physically fits! As you'll know, our boxes are jam-packed, so it takes a fair bit of playing around to get it just right!

And after all of this? We sprinkle the boxes in a whooolle lotta' love, so that you feel nothing but absolute JOY upon opening.

So much time and care is put into putting these boxes together, so that you can sit back, relax, and know that you're supporting the greater good when you Retreat Yourself.


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