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Capturing The Moment

Capturing The Moment

Unfortunately the term “Capturing The Moment” is often misunderstood these days; and with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories, not to mention the news feeds of these apps, it is not surprising that we are more concerned with snapping, Snap chatting, uploading and captioning our experiences rather than enjoying them.

Our preoccupation with multitasking and technology has become so apparent that we are now encouraged to use mindfulness as a tool to be present in our lives.

This lack of presence and involvement in what is going on around us cannot only cause issue for our relationship with others but also our association with the entire world around us, as we essentially ‘miss out’ on the days gone by.

The good news is that this new era of photo sharing lends itself to those with a knack or a love for photography. Many people find photography an act of meditation in itself, as well as an art form, and we couldn’t agree more.

The simple act of you, your camera and a beautiful subject really can be a truly relaxing experience. When we are able to focus in on the details of something so minute the brain can then let go of the “have tos” and “should dos” going on in our life.

Photography is also a great way too explore new places, whether that be a new state or country and is also a beautiful way to take a peace of your holiday back home with you forever.

We often find ourselves looking at old images as a way of eliciting the same feelings we once had, whether they be excitement, love or calmness, and it seems we’re not alone.

Photographic meditation is a new way of meditating that uses an image as the point of concentration. The images used are typically of landscape, similar to the Relaxing Square Matte Print by Photography Byron Bay featured in the spring box.

This special moment in time from the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, captured through the lens of local award winner travel & landscape photographer & blogger Sera J Wright, has a very similar effect, transferring you to paradise with a single glance!

Of course the best way way to capture the moment is to experience it for yourself, and maybe try capturing your own artwork to showcase this summer.


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