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Discover: Illuminate Wellness Retreats

Discover: Illuminate Wellness Retreats

When two inspiring minds come together, the synergy that emerges can touch and change many lives. That was the case for Bonnie and Amanda, co-founders of Illuminate Wellness Retreats, who first came together on a retreat in luxurious Bali. 

The pair were drawn to each other through a shared adoration for exploring the self; each had a unique approach to wellness, with background expertise that came together beautifully. With knowledge and skills that perfectly complemented the other, Bonnie and Amanda became inspired to run their own retreat program — using this energetic match to enhance the lives of others in many different ways.

Illuminate Wellness Retreats was born from this magic. The retreats bring together a connected team of experts and practitioners to provide holistic mind and body therapies in luxurious Australian locations. 
Those who attend are encouraged to explore the self through a combination of psychological, movement, somatic, and creative therapies, each touching on the varied skills that Amanda, Bonnie, and their team of practitioners bring to the retreat. 

Every day is different, but similar in nature. From yoga practice at sunrise to self care breaks through the day, group movement therapy to cacao ceremonies, clinical psychology focused sessions and more.

The environment they create is a safe, nurturing space for rest and self-reflection. Women are encouraged to step away from earthly duties and retreat to stunning locations like Noosa, where you become immersed in acres of lush forest, woodland trails and swimming holes. Rock gardens, nature walks, native animals and man-made additions like stream rooms await attendees — feeling like a warm hug that reconnects you back to your inner self.

The community feel is enhanced by various accommodation spaces, one of which has beautifully dressed glamping tents, a rustic Shanti cabin, and a Ruby vintage bus, along with wholesome, healthy food made to indulge the senses and nourish the body. Bookings are available for the 2023 retreat; choose the accommodation option that speaks to your soul.

Illuminate Wellness Retreats are an immersive way to step away from the rush of daily life; and the most illuminating way to discover more about yourself. 

Bonnie and Amanda share their knowledge and clinical expertise in a relaxing, safe and nurturing environment; and they cherish the opportunity to share this experience with women who seek it.

To book Illuminate Wellness Retreats, you can visit their website here.


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