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Using scent to support your desired emotional state of mind

Using scent to support your desired emotional state of mind

**By Annemarie Dove - owner of Byron Bay Candles**


Inhaling a beautiful aroma that resonates with you, is a natural way to uplift your emotional state of mind.

By taking a moment to slow down and inhale, you can use your sense of smell as a natural way to invoke your emotions with a sense of calmness and wellbeing that will replace any feelings of anxiety. To determine which aroma will best have this effect on you, you can be guided through a series of questions as a fun way to discover which scent group is most likely to invoke feelings of harmony, happiness, and love.

The four main scent groups that most of us resonate with include ‘Citrus Aromas’, ‘Floral Aromas’, ‘Woody Aromas’ and ‘Sweet Aromas’.

Citrus aromas are bright and refreshing and tend to be more stimulating. They are great for enhancing your mood and increasing alertness. Often inhaled to combat the onset of headaches, citrus aromas provide the perfect pick you up as they are stimulating and energizing.

Then there are Floral aromas which invoke feelings of peacefulness that inspire the body to breathe and relax. Floral scents balance and sooth your emotions while invoking emotions of love which is why they are so often given in a gesture of romance. Florals work in harmony to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Woody aromas are earthy with their warm, rich tones to balance and ground your emotions. Intended to relax and unwind you at the end of a long day. They offer a natural anti-anxiety remedy to relax and revive you.

Then of course, there are the Sweet aromas that many love and adore for their ability to trigger happy memories. They can remind you of baking a cake with loved ones or eating sweet treats for fun. No matter, what the trigger is ‘sweet’ aromas provide a warm, comforting feeling when inhaled.

Aroma has the power to transform your self-care regime. A daily ritual of lighting a candle can trigger an emotional response that lets you know it’s time to focus on you.

If you’d like to discover the essence of each of the aromas in the Byron Bay Candles range and the effect they can have to uplift your emotions, head to their scent guide for all the details -


A self-confessed candle lover and natural aroma advocate, Annemarie is on a mission to spread love and well-being by uplifting your emotional state of mind through your sense of smell. With a focus for sustainability, and minimising environmental waste her team developed candle refills to reuse your empty candle jars.

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