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From chaos to calm

From chaos to calm

Chaotic is a common state for our world (and lives) to be in.

From constant connection to never-ending responsibilities, we often find ourselves balancing multiple tasks at once, while keeping thousands of thoughts and ideas in mind.

It’s no wonder we feel exhausted.

Finding calm in the chaos takes conscious effort. Serenity is not a feeling that easily finds us; it’s one we have to chase and create.

Balancing your nervous system can be beautifully beneficial in the midst of busy days or draining weeks. Creating mindful moments helps relieve feelings of anxiety or stress, while keeping you wonderfully calm no matter what life may throw at you.

Whether you are new or experienced with nervous system regulation, try these quick tips, chosen to fit into the busiest of days. 

  1. Practice breathwork. Your breath is a powerful tool that stays with you, no matter where you go. The more you lean into breathwork, the more you will witness its incredible calming and regulating effects. Next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, try a ‘physiological sigh’: two quick breaths in, followed by one slow exhale.
  1. Give yourself a hug. When your loved one is upset or stressed, our instinct is to offer a hug, which helps lift these heavy feelings from their shoulders. Why not use the same technique with yourself? Wrap your arms around your body to create a sense of comfort and security; pair this with deep breathing or affirmations to centre yourself in the present moment. 
  1. Use cold temperatures. Exposure to cold temperatures is known to activate the sympathetic nervous system. Research even states that “cold hydrotherapy can relieve depressive symptoms effectively” (source). When you’re on the go, cold temperatures can be used to calm feelings of stress and anxiety, whether you splash water on your face or hold something chilled to your chest. It might sound odd, but for many people, it works.
  1. Prioritise sleep. You could stay up two more hours and finish that project, but your mind and nervous system will be better equipped to tackle tasks tomorrow if you spend those hours asleep in your bed. Even when your to-do list feels never-ending and the work doesn’t get done, prioritising sleep will help you perform better the next day. 

Regulating your nervous system is a life-long practice that benefits your mind and body in many ways. Everyone is different, so try many things, and work practices and rituals into your day that work best for you.

You can always create your own calm in the chaos.


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