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How paying it forward can make you happier

How paying it forward can make you happier

Have you ever done something for someone, for no other reason than simply that you know it would make them happy, or support them in a time of need? You probably have. And once you’ve done that deed, how did you feel? 

It feels pretty amazing doesn't it? To know that you positively impacted someone’s life in a way that hasn’t cost you much, or even anything.  

You may be familiar with the good feelings you get by paying it forward, but you may not know that your random acts of kindness may actually be having a positive effect on your health and outlook on life too.  

Here are some reasons you should consider paying it forward:

  1. Your mood is improved
    When you do something kind for someone else, you feel good. There’s even a name for the warm feeling you get, a ‘helper’s high’. When you help someone, your brain releases feel-good chemicals, making you feel fulfilled and happy.  
  2. There are endless ways to pay it forward
    Paying it forward doesn’t always have to cost you money or even heaps of your time. Simple ways to start could be to take a friend’s children to the park when you go with your own. Or to pick up some extra groceries for someone feeling under the weather. Bake a big batch of cookies to share with the office or take on cooking during a week when your partner has a busy schedule. 
  3. Your kind act helps to create a ripple effect
    When you are kind, others are more likely to respond with kindness too. All this kindness builds upon itself, reaching further and further and impacting people you may not even know. Your act of kindness could inspire another act, and another. On and on. 
  4. You can change the course of another person’s day
    Paying it forward certainly makes you feel good, but more than anything, the impact you can have on someone else’s day is boundless. You never quite know what is going on in other’s lives and so being kind can be more impactful than you’ll ever know. 

Different ways you can pay it forward:

  1. Make a big freezable, delicious and nourishing meal full of veggies, portion it up and freeze. Then drop it off to someone who’s life is a bit busy at the moment. Maybe a new mum, or someone going through a big week at work.  
  2. Help a friend clean out their yard, take over secateurs and gloves and get weeding. 
  3. Pick up some extra children on your school run. Save some precious time for one mum and emissions at the same time.
  4. House sit and look after a friend’s pets while they head away on a weekend escape.
  5. Invite a friend out for some pampering and call ahead to pay before you arrive to cover the session.


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