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FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

Revive your daily routine

Revive your daily routine

As the seasons change and winter chill sets in, our routines naturally begin to shift and change. We forego afternoon sunshine in favour of cosy nights in woolly socks; we skip ice in our drinks and reach for a warm cup of chamomile; we spend more time snuggled in, putting social plans on pause and drawing a longer, hotter bath.

Winter calls for a different type of self care, where we nurture and cocoon ourselves into the season of rest and hibernation. 

Establishing new rituals and routines is an enticing part of watching the seasons change. While it may be too cold to venture outside as often, it’s the perfect time to rediscover old favourites and find new seasonal self care inspiration. Which rituals will you add to your routine this winter?

If you’re looking for inspiration to ignite the warm, fuzzy feeling, we’ve rounded up a list of ideas below.

‘The one’ mug. Curling up with your favourite mug, whether it holds a hot drink or warm soul-soothing soup, is the cosiest experience on cold winter mornings. With both hands slowly being warmed by the gentle heat of the mug, you have no choice but to slow down, sip and savour the moment. If your current collection isn’t hitting the spot, now is the time to find your perfect-match mug (we have the cutest one inside our Winter ‘Rest & Relax’ Retreat Box).

Skin-rescue skincare. When humidity dips and dryness creeps in, your skin can feel the effects. Adding a deeply moisturising, repairing skin serum, mask or moisturiser can bring back your glow and fend off winter dullness. We love the Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue Hyaluronic Mask for deep daily hydration. 

Heart-warming treats. We believe in nourishing your body and soul year-round, which means indulging in things you love to eat, plus nutritious bites your body craves. In the chill of winter, we love a hearty piece of dark chocolate or a warm oven tray filled with multi-coloured roasted veg, warming the body from the inside out. Some days might even call for dessert before dinner. (Try the Bennetto block in our Winter box for that mouthwatering Swiss chocolate taste.)

New warm cosies. Surrounding yourself with everything soft, fluffy and warm feels best during the winter season, and finding your new favourite helps embrace the chill. We love a woolly pair of socks, thick throw blanket, cosy bed linens or something plush to add to your daily rituals. The Plush Fleece Headband inside our winter box keeps you warm during skincare sessions.  

Our Winter ‘Rest & Relax’ Retreat Box is designed to fill your chilly season with warm, happy things; helping you sink into the season of rest in a way that feels nourishing and self-loving. 


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