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Why Your Sunday Should Be Dedicated To Self Care   

Why Your Sunday Should Be Dedicated To Self Care   

Many of us use the weekend as a time to cut loose and indulge in good company, great food, maybe some drinks and late night dancing if we’re lucky. We often forget however that these things will of course leave us feeling depleted come Monday morning.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying there isn’t a time and a place for that but what are saying is that a Sunday should be used for a different kind of unwinding.

Self Care Sunday is a movement that encourages women to take time for themselves every Sunday to rest, restore and rejuvenate themselves so that they can come back better than ever the following week, whether that be as a mum, wife, professional or friend.

Many people are confused by self care and see it as some sort of luxury item. The reality is that self care should be a priority, not an option. Of course we understand that our busy lives don’t always make self care equally accessible to everyone, but there is always time to commit to one act of wellness each week.

We want you to start your new week feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed, so here are some of our favourite Self Care Sunday Rituals:

1. Unplugging

We’re attached to our devices all day, everyday, so dedicate a full evening to wireless relaxation. Try and turn off your phone, iPad, computer, or any other electronics you have for at least an hour (if not the whole day ;) ). This will relieve you from constant notifications and allow you to connect with yourself instead of a device. This will give you the opportunity to be present with your family and reconnect with you.

2. Forgetting FOMO

As much as we all like to be ‘yes’ women, sometimes it’s OK to say to no. Sunday is the perfect day to practice saying no, completely guilt free. We all need a break from friends, work stress and responsibilities once in a while. It’s OK to need to retreat from the world and Sunday is the day for doing just that. Pour yourself your favourite cup of tea (Our top pick at the moment is Mojo Natural Body Beautiful. Detoxifying and calming all at the same time), put your feet up and feel good about saying no.

3. Journaling

Journaling has become such a popular form of meditation because it allows us to express and release all of the feelings that we are holding onto – the good, and the ‘not so good’. While journaling may sometimes seem like a daunting daily task, making it a Sunday ritual allows us to make It a priority and something special that we enjoy. Set aside an adequate amount of time to get everything out on the page and just write like no one is watching you!

While you’re there, why not set out your to-do list and write out some goals? Like the old saying goes ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’. Structure your week so that you can fully relax, knowing that you’re going to have an organised and successful week!

4. Spruce Yourself Up For A Date With You

An act of self care doesn’t always have to occur at home, and so it might be a nice idea to take the time to enjoy a shower, moisturise your skin and get ready to put your best foot forward. Take a trip to the nail salon, hair dresser, go out for breakfast or a solo trip to the movies.

It all starts with a bath or shower and a bar of Nakeba Vegan Soap to make your skin feel divine. If you think you’ve found the best smelling soap then you obviously haven’t tried this one before. Let the aromas of lemon, eucalyptus, mint, basil and the olive oil base rejuvenate and moisturise tired and dry skin.

Once we’re dressed and almost ready to head out the door,  it’s time for the final touches. The Happy Balm by The Purist Collection contains a blend of Valencia orange, ylang ylang and cedar wood essential oils known to induce happiness, that will help you enjoy your day just that bit more!

5. Meal Prep

If you’re really struggling with the idea of relaxing, maybe try a more pro-active pursuit that will still benefit you through the coming week, like meal planning. Even if you’re one of those people who doesn’t enjoy being in the kitchen, especially for hours at a time, the result is well earned. The process doesn’t need to be complicated, it may be as simple as chopping veggies for easy-to-make salads, and cooking a supply of rice or quinoa.

When you spend the last day of the week dedicated to you, the week ahead will be that much more enjoyable. You are worthy of every minute you spend on you.


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