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The hairy truth: common hair myths busted

The hairy truth: common hair myths busted

**By special guest, Cel**

We’ve all heard a few old sayings about hair care, which are usually handed down from generation to generation. But, it’s time to sort the fiction from the fact… What hair myths do we need to stop believing in, and stat?

~ HAIR MYTH: “You should brush your hair 100 strokes per day**


This is a major one you need to cease actioning pronto! Over brushing your hair can in fact do more damage than good. 

Of course, brushing your hair is an essential part of hair care to help evenly distribute natural oil generated by the scalp down the shaft, which maintains moisture. However, brushing it with 100 strokes a day can cause split ends, breakage and encourage the hair follicles to produce more oil than is necessary (resulting in a greasy look!).

Use a wide tooth comb when gently detangling the hair and styling it, and always use a high quality, deeply hydrating conditioner. Never pull or tug aggressively through knots! Hair brushing and combing should be a fairly quiet affair, so if the brush is quite loud when going through your tresses, it’s likely you’re being too harsh!

That’s one important hair myth busted!

~ HAIR MYTH: “If you stop washing your hair with shampoo, it will start to clean itself.”


Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. A clean hair and scalp always equals a healthier hair and scalp!

No matter how frequently you wash your hair or don’t wash your hair, your scalp will produce roughly the same amount of oil each day. It’s all down to genetics and hormones when it comes to how often you find your hair needs a wash.

If your hair is left too long without washing, it can become lank, dull and the scalp can feel dry and irritated. It can also affect hair growth as the follicles become clogged up with dirt.

Each person and their lifestyle, combined with their scalp and hormones, is different. So, when it comes to washing frequency, it really is down to trial and error and working out what’s best for you and your mane.

~ HAIR MYTH: “You should switch up your shampoo regularly.”


Hair is dead, therefore it cannot “get used” to products. Certain products can cause build up and block your hair follicles, but this is only if you're using cheap brands that are loading their formulas with parabens and sulphates. These create a false lather which isn’t good for hair health!

However, your hair is affected by the seasonal changes in the weather, by age and by whether you colour your hair. So, instead of switching up your basics, make sure you’re supporting your hair through each season appropriately, like using a thickening hair mask to help with static in winter and a UV protection spray through summer.

~ HAIR MYTH: “If you pluck one grey hair, two will grow back.


Plucking a grey hair will of course get rid of it, but only temporarily. The follicle will produce another as it does with all hair strands. However, one follicle can only produce one hair, so whatever you do to one strand, can’t affect the other follicles surrounding it and alter their behaviour.

Unfortunately, this hair myth comes from the fact that when you find one grey hair, you’re most likely going to start noticing more!

~ HAIR MYTH: “Shampooing can make your hair thin and begin to shed.”


This is one of the worst hair myths, because it’s the total opposite of it’s truth! Hair needs a clean, healthy environment to grow in. So, you need to keep on top of the cleanliness of your scalp in order to support hair staying thick and growing strong.

People often notice most of their hair fall when in the shower, which gives weight to this hair myth. Excess debris and oil will cause your hair follicles to become blocked though, so growth will be slowed or stunted if you try not to wash it.

If you’re struggling with thinning hair and have been restricting your washes due to this hair care myth thinking it was fact, it’s time to up your washes and use a shampoo designed for thickening your locks and encouraging growth.

Cel’s Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner duo are made up of a powerful blend of scientifically-optimised plant extracts, including Skinhairgium ® Bio, Ginseng and Hydrolysed Keratin, which strengthens the hair, cleanses the scalp and promotes new hair growth. This cutting-edge pair work to improve the condition of thinning hair by encouraging hair follicle recovery whilst being hypoallergenic, paraben and sulphate-free. They’re safe for all hair types, including chemically treated and coloured hair, and are also safe to be used frequently.

~ HAIR MYTH: “Cutting your hair often makes it grow faster.”

True…well, kind of!

So, let’s be clear here – cutting your hair will not make it grow faster. However, it prevents and stops breakage and damage which can certainly affect hair length and quality! If you keep on top of your split ends, this will stop that breakage working its way further up the shaft, resulting in the need for you to have it cut short when you next head to the salon.

Cel Pro Tip: Want to know the best way to prevent split ends? Use a nutrient-rich hair mask once to twice a week to deeply nourish the strands and minimise the occurrence of splits, like Cel’s Hair Thickening Mask.

Hair care myths and facts: our final thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed busting these hair care myths and facts with us, sorting the fact from the fiction! These hair myths certainly feel like there could be some truth to them – that’s why they’ve been passed down as hearsay for years! But, knowledge, experience and science have helped us bust through them, enabling us to proceed to next-level, healthy and brilliant looking hair, permanently.


Cel is a cutting-edge, luxury haircare brand curated by hair professionals, using only high-grade, powerful ingredients, which deliver real, long-lasting results.

Cel’s Microstem Hair Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner feature in our winter ‘Restore’ retreat. To shop with Cel, visit and use discount code RYRESTORE for 15% off until 30/11/22.


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