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The mid-year reset

The mid-year reset

‘End of financial year’ is a meaningful milestone for some, and nothing but a passing date for. others. Some of us find ourselves head-down organising a year’s worth of business expenses,  while others indulge in a bit of tax-back cash and shop the EOFY sales. Either way, July 1 marks the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect and reset on the year we are moving through.

It is both incredible and intimidating how fast time seems to fly; how much we can achieve in just six months; how different our lives can look compared to the start of the calendar year; and how many of our favourite things stay wonderfully the same.

If you feel drawn to take this moment as your mid-year reflection, here are five ways to reset and realign with your goals and values.

1. Put yourself in your January 1 shoes. Chances are, we have all been through life-changing and perspective-shaking experiences we could not have predicted six months ago. Reflect and set yourself in the shoes of that person who set goals and resolutions at the start of the year; do you feel aligned with this version of yourself? What shifts and moments of growth have you experienced? What do you feel most proud of?

2. Count your favourite things. As life constantly evolves and changes, there are many things we hope to keep near and dear, whether it’s your ritual of making the perfect chai latte at home or living in close proximity to your sister and friends. Which people, places and things do you have in your life right now that you hope to keep forever?

3. Realign with your values. You may be working towards something you planned months or years ago. Check in with yourself: how does it feel so far?Have you moved closer to living in alignment with your values this year; are there some areas where you have lost your sense of direction?

4. Consider your goals. Who we are as people can shift enormously and unpredictably, even in small amounts of time. Take stock of the goals you set, the things you hoped to achieve, and the milestones you’ve moved through since January. Do you still want the same things you did six months ago? What are your goals for the second half of the year?

5. Be patient and kind. You may feel you have achieved everything in some ways, and next to nothing in other ways. Remember that life is a balancing act and we are learning as we go; continue to do your best, treat yourself with care, and offer patience and kindness through every stage, milestone and goal.

We hope this mid-year reflection sets you up for a beautiful second half of the year.


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