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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

The power of RNA

The power of RNA

What is RNA? How can RNA assist a healthy skincare routine? Here to explain all of the pro's of RNA is Grace Cosmetics.

Ummm, what is RiboNucleic Acid?!

RNA is a popular cosmeceutical ingredient. Cosmeceutical means it is a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals because of the formula's bioactive properties. RNA is known to be a hero ingredient in many anti-aging skincare routines. Although the science of the ingredient can be confusing, it is actually pretty simple. Let's explain.

What is it?

RNA or RiboNucleic Acid is a natural ingredient found in all living cells and carries instructions on how to repair tissue and reproduce cells. Without RNA your cells become unclear on how to regenerate, therefore loosing elasticity. This leads to early signs of ageing like fine lines, crow's feet, dark circles and drooping. By using a product with RNA, the cells in your skin are reminded how to regenerate and replenish.

How do I add it to my routine?

The most common place your face loses elasticity and develops fine lines is around your eyes. To get the most out of RNA, use it around the eyes to combat these concerns. Grace Cosmetics Aloe Eye Cream is formulated with powerful RNA to ensure your cells repair and reproduce. After regular use of eye cream with RNA, your eyes will look well-rested, recharged and full of life!

What age should I start using it?

Most people start using eye cream or RNA products when they start noticing first subtle creases on the outer corner of their eyes. But, you can start even before you see wrinkles, as early as your 20s! Prevention is always a great way to approach skin concerns.


Grace Cosmetics are passionate about helping people find natural solutions to their skincare concerns. The number one ingredient in all of their skincare formulas are certified organic Aloe Vera. This high content of Aloe Vera, when combined with potent botanicals and cosmeceutical actives works in perfect synergy to restore skin health, providing dramatic and lasting results.

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