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This one simple action could change your life - by Sarah Elise Yoga

This one simple action could change your life - by Sarah Elise Yoga

Yoga pants, Nike runners and pressed juice are all the trend at the moment. It is pretty awesome that such an ancient practice has now also become so cool. Yoga is something that has been around for hundreds of years and has recently become the new thing. Hitting up a yoga class with your girlfriends, followed by a fresh juice at the new ‘it’ juice bar before popping into Lululemon to try on the latest printed yoga pants seems to be what everyone is doing these days.

Yep yoga is cool, but it is also so much more than that sexy pose that you just saw on Instagram. It is a way of living, being aware of your thoughts and your actions, and taking responsibility for yourself. It is about creating a space for you to live a life of clarity, calmness and content.

So you can be the best version of you and bring the best out in others around you.

I always tell my students, what you learn on your mat is all practice for when you step off your mat. During a yoga class you are taught to come back to your breath when the asana gets tough, to lengthen and extend each inhale and exhale as you get deeper into your practice, allowing the breath to guide you deeper into the pose. We are taught to release from any expectations for the class and judgment upon ourselves and others, and finally to choose love over fear. 

All images courtesy of Sarah Elise Yoga.

When you step on your mat, you take it as is comes. Each time you practice yoga it is going to be completely different. When it feels strange, you just breathe and surrender. Now try apply this to your life. No one waking day is the same. Some days are up, and others are down. As in yoga, you must go with the flow, without judgement. You are toning and stretching your body, whilst strengthening your mind and soul.

At the beginning of our practice, we set our Sankalpa. Those of you who practice regularly will be very familiar with this term. A Sankalpa is the intention for our practice, which helps connect the mind to the body. It could simply be “I will express more compassion”, or “I invite calmness into my life”. When used in daily life, Sankalpa can create huge shifts in your reality. It aligns you with what’s important to you, and brings about positive change. It allows your to manifest true happiness and the fulfilment that you are seeking. It can completely change your life.

I encourage you to set a Sankalpa for your day today. Think about your hurdles and your fears, what do you need to focus on to keep you grounded and become the best version of you?

Be kind, and believe in yourself.

Love, Sarah Xx


Sarah is a hatha yoga teacher residing on the Surf Coast in Victoria. She lives her with intention and grace, and is always seeking ways to share her love for life and yoga. Sarah believes that practicing yoga is a huge step to living the life you love. If you want to read more about Sarah and the beautiful life she lives, check out her Instagram page @_goddesstribe_ for inspiration and heartfelt wisdom.


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