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ATTITUDE GRATITUDE | Organiser & Daily Gratitudes Journal

ATTITUDE GRATITUDE | Organiser & Daily Gratitudes Journal
Organiser & Daily Gratitudes Journal by Attitude Gratitude | $29.95 RRP

~ Vegan | No Animal Testing ~

DISCOUNT: RETREATYOURSELF for 10% off until 31/08/23. Redeemable on the Attitude Gratitude website. 


Attitude Gratitude was created by founder, Nikki Andrews, during in a time of personal struggle, overwhelm and stress. Nikki had been using a few different techniques to help her declutter her mind, and so designed a simple format that brought all of these practices together. Writing down her thoughts and feelings quickly became a daily ritual and soon enough, the pages (and her heart!) were full. Soon enough, the Attitude Gratitude Organiser & Daily Gratitudes Journal was born. Not only has this journal helped Nikki navigate a very challenging time, but it now empowers her to stay grateful, organised and on track every day.

Attitude Gratitude’s mission is to encourage you to slow down, become more conscious of how you approach life and to be grateful for what you have. Nikki hopes it positively impacts your life the way it has hers.


An 'all in one' journal to help you practise gratitude, mindfulness and keep organised. This journal prompts you to slow down, because when you're mindful, you're taking your're focused and you're relaxed...which makes for a good day!

The benefits of using this journal is to assist with keeping on top of the things that are most important to you in the busy life we all lead, while simultaneously allowing you to slow down and be mindful, minimising rushing and multitasking. The journal creates a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day by ticking off things you may have achieved - and if you didn't, don't worry.. there is always tomorrow! Maybe you just managed to clear your head and practise gratitude which is amazing!

Each morning, write down your to do list, and map out your gratitudes and intention/s for the day - doing this is a great way to kick start your day with a really clear and positive mindset. Throughout the day add to your to do list as new things arise, and as you complete something on your to do list, feel the satisfaction of ticking off each task (and the hit of dopamine that follows!). The brain dump section is for all of your end of day reflections - this might be noting down a few wonderful things that happened to you today, or it might be to journal through what’s on your mind. At the end of the day, it is how you make this journal work for you :)


Choosing the feature the Attitude Gratitude Organiser & Daily Gratitudes Journal in our Autumn '23 'Slow' Retreat Box was a no brainer. The start of a new year can be awash with reminders to set goals, or to change your lifestyle, but what creates true fulfilment is taking notice of the small things that make up your daily life. And that is exactly what this Organiser & Daily Gratitudes Journal is all about. 

Attitude Gratitude is newly launched, female-founded (by one of our very close friends - Nikki Andrews), and has such similar values to Retreat Yourself. Nikki has also created her journals to look beautiful, and with vegan leather so no animals are harmed in the making of them. 

Founder Nikki:

To read all about the Organiser & Daily Gratitudes Journal or to purchase (for you or a friend!), click here.


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