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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

THE CLEANSING CLOTH | The Cleansing Cloth

THE CLEANSING CLOTH | The Cleansing Cloth
The Cleansing Cloth by THE CLEANSING CLOTH | $39.99 RRP

~ Vegan | No Animal Testing ~

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After spending 24 years in the industry frustrated with the lack of basic technology to ensure effective, safe and healthy cleansing for clients, Michelle (also behind the Skin Nerd Australia clinic) has developed The Cleansing Cloth, a simple yet effective tool to use daily with your very own skincare products to ensure safe and effective cleansing. Michelle’s years of experience, understanding what creates problem skin and what fixes it, formed a huge part of the creation of her cloths, which are reusable and washable, and provide an alternative for dyed or bacteria ridden cloths, or worse, makeup wipes.


The Cleansing Cloth is a smooth, soft and durable cleansing cloth, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. This high performance PVA cleansing cloth material removes makeup and impurities when used in conjunction with facial cleanser and, or exfoliating facial scrub. Hygienically machine-washable. Ideal for travel - dries quickly and hardens, but regains it's silky soft texture when wet.

The Cleansing Cloth is bacteria-resistant fabric meaning it is more hygienic than standard facecloths. All traces of make-up and cleansing residue are rinsed away immediately when placed under water pressure leaving it clean to reuse time and time again.

With a quick wipe as you would a flannel or face washer, your Cleansing Cloth will remove all residual makeup if any, cleanser and any skin debris that has been loosened, providing the perfect and effective cleanse all whilst being gentle and nurturing. Voila! Healthy, happy, calm skin!


Finding safe yet sustainable alternatives is not only important to us; we know it’s important to our wonderful Retreat Yourself community too. The Cleansing Cloth is something that we knew you would all find use for, whether you’re cleansing away makeup, or simply the build up gathered over the course of the day. Founder Michelle - who is actually located just near the our HQ - put so many years of experience into the creation of The Cleansing Cloth, which is not only effective, but it is also incredibly gentle and uses a bacteria-resistant, dye-free material. Cleansed skin equals healthy, glowing skin, and so starting your skincare routine with such an incredible tool really is key to making use of all other beautiful skincare products we love to introduce you all to.

Here's Michelle:

To read all about the The Cleansing Cloth or to purchase, click here.


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