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Retreat Yourself - 'Evening Reflections' Journalling Pad

Retreat Yourself - 'Evening Reflections' Journalling Pad

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The Retreat Yourself ‘Evening Reflections’ Notepad is designed to feel like a heartfelt chat with yourself, right before drifting off to a restorative sleep.

The notepad taps into the power of evening journaling, exploring and off-loading your thoughts and feelings, so you can feel lighter, more grateful, and purposeful, every night. Consider it as your 5-10 minute pre-slumber ritual.

With space for reflecting on the emotions you felt during the day, what you achieved, what you feel grateful for, and your intention for the following day, the notepad strategically supports you to enter your evening sleep with a positive and clear mind, which is crucial for a night of deep sleep.
Size A6 (10.5 x 14.8). 

TIP: The ‘Evening Reflections’ Notepad can be paired with any other evening rituals that you may already have. Our suggestion is to dedicate a few minutes prior to delving in your Evening Reflections Notepad to a short Yoga Nidra or meditation session, combined with a specially crafted sleep mist or essential oil roller - to help you to connect with your inner self on a deeper level. 

~ Created by Retreat Yourself ~

  • Description
    Size: A6
  • How to use
    Keep your Evening Reflections Notepad tucked away at your bedside, and use it to unwind with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, just prior to turning out the lights for the night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love this new evening ritual

"Retreat Yourself's 'Evening Reflections' Journaling Pad is a delightful companion for those seeking to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace at day's end. This beautifully crafted pad serves as a gentle guide, inviting users to pause and reflect on their daily experiences. It is thoughtfully designed with carefully curated prompts that effortlessly lead you through a journey of self-discovery and gratitude. The soothing aesthetic of the pad creates an instant atmosphere of calm, making it a pleasure to use as part of your nightly ritual.

What sets this journaling pad apart is its ability to transform scattered thoughts into structured insights. It encourages users to celebrate their achievements, no matter how small, and to approach challenges with a growth mindset. The gratitude section is particularly uplifting, helping to shift focus towards life's positives.

The 'Evening Reflections' pad isn't just about recording your day; it's about mindfully closing one chapter and setting intentions for the next. It's an invaluable tool for personal growth, stress reduction, and improved sleep quality.

Jessica Wills
Amazing as always

Having ordered 20 or more boxes for family, friends and colleagues. This last box was nothing short of beautiful. There was a mix up with shipping the issue was resolved immediately with no fuss and I'll continue to order from this amazing company for years to come.

Peggy Cook
Beautiful Box full of Surprises!

Thank you for introducing me to these unknown brands. I love the hair grow mask - smells divine and the body scrub - I've never had my legs come out of the shower without them ending up so dry, yet not with this scrub. They were so soft.
My only problem was the Morning Magic Mist had been leaking over the Morning Ritual pad.