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4 Reasons To Purify Your Oral Health Regime

4 Reasons To Purify Your Oral Health Regime

We are well aware of the dangers of poor diet and environmental toxins on the body, however there is one area that we often overlook when it comes to overall health, oral health; the health of our mouth, teeth and gums.

We generally tend not to spend a lot of time thinking about the health and functioning our mouths, lips, tongue, teeth, gums and salivary glands when they are working properly, but when they’re not, and a cavity or canker sore persists, the pain and discomfort is near impossible to ignore.

The fact of the matter is, if we don’t take good care of your mouths we could wind up dealing with some serious issues. The complication is…many conventional toothpastes, mouthwash and oral hygiene products contain high-concentrations of chemical toxins that have recently been shown to have detrimental affects on tooth enamel, the health of the saliva glands and the natural processes that occur during digestion.

This is why it is so vital that we purify our approach to oral hygiene, using the right products with carefully selected ingredients that will promote healthy mouths, whiter teeth and long-lasting, fresh breath.

Below we have listed: 4 Key Reasons Why You Need To Practice Good Oral Hygiene and How To Do It

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay is the unattractive and uncomfortable event where the tooth enamel begins to turn brown or black, chip away or simply fall out. Tooth decay is caused by a number of different exposures, some natural and some very much unnatural, these exposures include: artificial sweeteners and food toxins in processed food, high levels of acid secretion in the body and more controversially – the fluoride found in tap water and many food products as well as toothpastes designed to supposedly keep teeth healthy.

Conventional wisdom tells us that the best way to prevent tooth decay and cavities is simple, all you have to do is brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day and see your dentist twice a year. Thanks to modern research however we now know that using conventional toothpastes with fluoride every day, let alone twice per day may in fact be having detrimental effects.

With all the conflicting evidence about the safety of fluoride – it’s hard to know if it is a risk or not. That is why companies such as RedSeal have employed qualified pharmacists and naturopaths to develop a range of toothpastes from all-natural ingredients that effectively maintain healthy white teeth and gums along with lasting fresh breath – without the risk of added fluoride.

Gum Diseases

While tooth decay and cavities seem to be the main concern of most dentists and the basis of most dental appointments, gum disease is equally as insidious. Gum disease occurs when plaque builds up along and under the gum lines, and over time this plaque can cause infection that eats away the very gum that holds teeth in place.

Similarly the advice of most dentists is to brush thoroughly and floss often, removing plaque from hard to reach places in the mouth,

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is actually more common than you may think, in fact i’s especially common in adults and is considered to be a natural part of the aging process. While something as slight as dry mouth might seem like a minor inconvenience, it can actually lead to problems with chewing, swallowing, tasting food or even speaking.

Dry mouth is often caused by dehydration, or a combination of exposure to sugar snacks and food that naturally drain more saliva from the mouth to digest. With this in mind the obvious solution to dry mouth would be to increase your water consumption throughout that day and avoiding sugary foods (which I’m sure you’re doing anyway…)

Bad Breath

Nobody wants bad breath, but if we don’t take good care of our mouth, we’re likely going to get it. Cavities, periodontal disease and even dry mouth can lead to bad breath these off-sets simply won’t go away until we address the root cause.The easiest way to avoid bad breath is to brush your teeth regularly with a well scented toothpaste – without the nasties. Fresh tasting natural toothpastes can be difficult to find and so like the big kids that we are we were thrilled to come across RedSeal’s naturally anti-bacterial, refreshing, non-fluoride toothpaste with a mild, minty flavour.

We hope that armed with the knowledge and information about oral hygiene; the benefits of practicing well, regularly and with natural products empowers you to make more informed choices in the future; leading to healthier, longer-lasting pearly whites for many years to come.

For more information on RedSeal or to shop their range of natural toothpastes visit their website here:


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