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5 Tips to Relax, Refresh & Renew

5 Tips to Relax, Refresh & Renew

We have been working like crazy behind the scenes lately to get our online store up and running so that we can show the world what it means to Retreat Yourself. It’s all so exciting and there’s so much fun involved in getting things going, but when you feel like you have 1000 different things you need to do, stress can really start to take its toll.

Now let’s start by telling you, stress is a killer. People underestimate the negative effects that stress has on our lives and well-being. When stress is clouding our heads it can make us behave out of character, it can negatively affect our lives and well-being, and it starts to have a huge impact on our health. Headaches, poor food choices, lack of sex drive, and feelings of anxiety and depression are just a few of the side-effects of stress. If left unchecked can lead to more serious health problems such as raised blood pressure and other illness.

The irony about this is the things that bring us the most stress, are the things that are supposed to bring us the most joy. Starting a business that you’re passionate about, getting that promotion you’ve always wanted, working through your degree, meeting the man of your dreams and nurturing that strong love you have for your family and friends. They are things that we care SO much about that the fear of failing, the pressure to succeed, and the fear of things not working out can overcome anything else.

Now we’ll be the first to say, a little (teeny weeny) bit of stress can go a long way. Just enough stress to kick you’re A into G and get things moving is great. You’re feeling a tiny bit of pressure, enough so that you actually GET. SH*T. DONE. But there’s a fine line between G.S.D and feeling overwhelmed by a mountain of TO-DO’s.

Here are some strategies we implement here at Retreat Yourself when the pressure starts to get overwhelming:

Take a break! Yes. Stop. Walk away and clear your head of whatever is bothering you. When life gets tough, it’s easy to dwell on the problems trying to find solutions. Sometimes walking away and clearing the mind can be the answer to all. The result is a clear and fresh outlook. “When you step outside the frame, you can see the real picture”.

Call a friend. Open up and tell them how you’re feeling. Either they’ll help you through it, or put things back into perspective for you. It’ll bring back that connectedness and give you that booster to keep on trucking.

Get outside. Do some exercise. Walk in nature and breathe in the fresh air. Notice that the trees stand still even though they may be given no recognition. Watch the stars at night. Notice that they shine so brightly, rarely being acknowledged. Let this put things into perspective for you. You are doing a great job, whether you (or others) see it or not.

Count your blessings. What are you grateful for? It can be as simple as that delicious sandwich you ate for lunch, or the fact that you’re lucky enough to sleep with a roof over your head. When you focus on the multitude of really great things you have in your life, it puts things in perspective that life isn’t really that bad.

Remind yourself that this will pass. All things in life have their expiration date and everything is always changing – this includes your feelings and your perspectives. You will get through it. What would your 90 year old self say to you, all those years down the track? I can bet ya she’d say something along the lines of - “Don’t sweat it! Enjoy life. This will pass”.

Be kind to yourself and keep on keeping on! You are doing an AMAZING job!

And always remember to Retreat Yourself.

RY x


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