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#BehindTheBiz | Yoga Glow

#BehindTheBiz | Yoga Glow

Tell us a bit about the people behind Yoga Glow…

My Name is Prachi and I’m the founder of Yoga Glow.

I’m a full time mum of two wee ones (5 & 2 yr olds), a yogi, part time yoga teacher, Metafit coach & Nutritional therapist.  I was born and raised in India, the land of colour, culture, yoga & Ayurveda. I worked in the corporate world for a large part of my life and had the opportunity to work with some great companies and learn some very valuable business and interpersonal skills.

I moved to Sydney, Australia over a decade back with my husband who works in corporate.

I had always been attached to yoga and the balance it brought to me, especially dealing with imbalance with severe scoliosis which affected me mentally, physically & emotionally for many years.

In 2008 I pursued my yoga teacher training and ended up covering a class for the first time for my yoga teacher at that time. The day I taught my first yoga class I knew that I had found my purpose in life! Since then I continued to study with many amazing teachers around the globe and found a deeper connection to yoga & holistic living. In my years as a yoga teacher I have met some really inspiring and awesome people and I feel blessed every day to live this beautiful life.

In Sydney I ran a yoga studio, before I had my son and took a long break to enjoy my initial motherhood journey with my little man.

We moved to Melbourne over two years back and love this city! (except for its temperamental weather ;) )

As we grow, we are now expanding our team with passionate people.

What would an average day in the life look like for you?

I start the hustle by waking my kids, getting them ready and feeding my family with nourishing meals. If I’m lucky I squeeze a quick sun salutation to kick start my day.

Drop the kiddies to day care, and my role as a #girlboss starts with a light bulb over my head and exciting energy each day to create new ways bring more wellness into our community and share our products.

I never miss the opportunity to get on the mat or a sweat session so you will find me at our local F45 atleast 3-4 times a week and local yoga studios as often as I can. I believe if you nourish your mind & body it will reward you right  back.

Afternoons are a quick smoothie post workout, meetings or I will be by myself at home with some pumping music and my laptop doing social media, emails, etc. Also some days I create and plan seasonal yoga workshops and our next exciting one is coming up on 3rd Dec (see details below).

Most days involve making products, packing parcels, ordering supplies etc. A few days a week I may be out at our facility in North Melboune making batches of our Healing blend Turmelixir.

I do balance family time and especially on days when my kids are home, mum life takes over and I’m usually rolling with them on the floor or soaking in some sun while they catch a play at the park.

Evenings are crazy at home with kids routine, bath, dinner and sleep.

I catch up on some work later in the night on most days.

But all work makes mumma a dull one so watching Netflix is my fav thing to do some nights and weekends. 

We can imagine you’re flat out having to run your business and looking after your family, how do you maintain your own health and wellness whilst being so busy?

The irony of being in the health & wellness industry is that you spend so much time creating and bringing wellness to those around you that you often end up sidelining yours.

I have gone through such phases in the past but as of late, I’m more tuned into my mind body and I honour the signals when its telling me to shut off. It’s important to find that balance.

I love to move my body at least 3-4 times a week through workouts, yoga and on weekends we spend lots of family time together and enjoy activities with kids ie running etc.

Another aspect of health and wellness is nourishing meals, I love cooking for my family, but I also dig into some pizza and beer on the weekends ;)

What inspired you to want to start Yoga Glow?

I grew up on Ayurvedic tradition in India. Ayurveda is the Science of Life, its principles are based upon a preventive approach to health and wellness. Ayurveda says, let food be your medicine and your kitchen be your pharmacy. Nature has provided us with lots of powerful goodness & Yoga Glow our goal is to share this knowledge of ancient healing to enrich our bodies and to change the attitude from curing disease to preventing disease and live with optimum health and radiance.

I have seen the healing power turmeric and Ayurveda as a natural and versatile fuel for the mind & body, so with my passion for natural and wholesome living & love for products with no nasties, I created Turmelixir and Yoga Glow Skincare.

I always had the desire to share this passion with everyone and my clients over the years have experienced this, however I wanted to reach out and spread the goodness of Ayurveda to as many as possible.

I saw the consumers out there looking for more than what’s available in the market currently, and I knew that the gap had to be filled with the unique and exciting goodness of Ayurveda.

What have been the biggest trials so far in starting and running Yoga Glow?

Being able to share our passion for holistic health, wellness & beauty and reach out to our community of educated consumers which seems to be growing by the day, however we are a small set up and man power & resources are limited.

Here at Retreat Yourself, we LOVE dreaming BIG – what is your vision for Yoga Glow?

We dream to make Yoga Glow a world-wide brand which is able to bring Ayurveda to people and help them live a life full of radiance and optimum health.

Our focus is to build a preventive environment to modern day illnesses and stress related lifestyle.

We currently have 3 skincare products and a turmeric elixir but we want to bring more products so we can offer a whole range of self care products to our consumers. It starts with small steps but we are certain we are on the right path and will continue to hustle & strive as we know we have miles to go….

Also we really want share energies with as many like minded individuals/ businesses as possible who are on the same path as us cause together we can educate and encourage our community to choose nasties free, cruelty free, natural & handmade!

For anyone out there wanting to start their own business, what would your biggest piece of advice be?

Tune in, Tune in Tune in – can’t stress it enough. Tune in to know what is your hearts biggest desire, for it to manifest it has to be true to your heart and being.

Once you know what your desire is to make a business plan around it, no fancy sh#t just simple plain what are your measurable goals, what’s your budget, who’s your target market?

Most importantly figure out what you offer to your customers.

Know your competitors – but don’t worry about them, DO YOUR OWN THING, don’t follow the trend create your unique ways of sharing your passion.

Have a mentor/business talk friend- any one who can help you streamline your vision and give you a reality check every once in a while.

Lastly connect & transform- If you want to grow don’t do it all by yourself, connect with like minded people, be receptive learn, share ideas and transform your ideas & energy.

Yoga glow will officially be a year old next month and we can’t wait to celebrate! 

MELBOURNE READERS: Check out the Yoga Glow Workshop at Bodhi & Ride on December 3rd. Head to their website to secure tickets.

Check them out at or on Instagram @yoga_glow


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