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A Recap Of 'A Brighter Day' with Barre Body

A Recap Of 'A Brighter Day' with Barre Body

As most of you know, we’ve recently finished our series of events that took us across the country with Barre Body. What an incredible time it was meeting so many like-minded individuals!

The inspiration for these events first came when I heard the founder of Barre Body, Emma Seibold, speak at a Collective Hub event in Melbourne. I was so inspired by everything that Emma spoke about and felt that both of our business values aligned so well, so we should look at doing some events together. And so, A Brighter Day was born!

For us, the purpose of these events was to not only align with like-minded brands and to meet the wonderful people who follow our business and receive our boxes, but to express the pillars that Retreat Yourself is really about. Yes, we are a subscription box and we send out these beautiful boxes every quarter where you get to discover all of these amazing products from incredible Australian brands, but we are also a business who is incredibly passionate about helping you discover your most vibrant and fulfilled life in every way possible. Whether that means the foods you eat, the way that you think, or improving the way you feel about yourself and the world. We want you to be the best version of you, so what better way to express that than to get in front of people and start talking.

The day started with everyone being handed their very own A Brighter Day stainless steel Mizu bottle and A Brighter Day work book, and were asked to write down their intention for the day and pop it in the intention bowl. Everyone that added their intention into the bowl went into the draw to win a UNIT NINE Yoga Mat and yoga towel, which were kindly donated to us by the lovely people behind UNIT NINE (check ’em out – they’re amazing!).

Love Ludie brightened up the day with their deliciously scented candles.

The thing that excited me most was that I got to speak about all these things that I love! The fact that health isn’t just about eating the right foods and exercising, but that a life full of excitement and vibrancy is a balance across so many different areas: nutrition, movement, mindfulness, self-care, connection and fun – just to name a few. I finished the talk by getting everyone to delve into restrictive fears and envisioning living a life that lights them up.

Indigo Luna kindly provided each of our speakers with some beautiful yoga wear for each of our events. They also gave a $100 voucher which we presented as a prize at each event!


We were lucky enough to have some incredible speakers to educate our audience with their expertise. We had the beautiful Hannah from Food Intelligence, who is a drug and alcohol counselor and a nutritionist who works in her own practice in the field of behaviour change. Hannah really wowed our audience with her in-depth knowledge about emotional eating and changing habits. Hannah is a wealth of knowledge whose compassion and understanding is thoroughly seen in her work.

We also had Maxime from Maximum You, who graced us with her presence at our first two events. Maxime is a talented health coach who specializes in the area of gut health and the mind-body connection. Maxime is about to release her book Healthy Gut, Perky Butt, which is the ‘go-to’ book on how to heal your gut to improve your life.

Unfortunately Maxime fell sick and was unable to attend our final event in Sydney, however we had the amazing Anna Chisholm fill in her place. Anna is a plant-based health coach and the co-founder of I Feel Good Living The Plant Based Way, also hosting the podcast Big Impact. Anna’s vibrant and down to earth personality slotted into the event so perfectly and the audience really connected with her personal story on how she healed her gut through plant-based living.

We are so grateful to have had the support from so many incredible brands and could not have done it without them!

Funch Foods provided us with some delicious DIY bliss balls and slices to help us stay satisfied during the break. These easy to create packages are exactly what you need when you feel like doing some home 'unbaking' but can't be bothered to go and buy all of the ingredients yourself.

Blue Dinosaur and BSKT Wholefoods provided us with some delicious snack bars for everyone to munch on. These delicious bars are full of goodness and none of that nasty stuff, and they are so delicious too. I would swap chocolate any day to eat these bars, and that's saying something! (seriously, if you have a chocolate addiction like me - try it!). My faves out the Cacao Mint Blue Dinosaur Bars and Espresso Maca BSKT Bars!

This delicious cold brew coffee that you can easily throw in your bag and take with you as you're rushing out the door - or in this case, sitting at an event listening to speakers. Minor Figures have won plenty of awards for their organic, cold brew coffee and we can certainly see why!

The Happy Snack Company provided us with these delicious Roasted Fav'va beans for people to nibble on. We've actually included this delicious product in our Autumn Retreat Yourself box and have heard nothing but raving reviews. In fact, our team have had to exercise extreme self-control in order to not eat them all (they're addictive!). This protein filled pocket of goodness helped us stay satisfied all day long.

Wood Lane Beverage Co. had their new sparkling botanical drinks feature too. Wood Lane is a premium relaxation beverage, which is delicious and as good for you as it is for Mother Nature (Win/win!). We were so happy to have these balance restoring, calming beverages at our events.

The beautiful girls from Julisa  came to our Brisbane event where they set up their pop-up nail bar. Julisa is a vegan, cruelty-free range of nail polishes that look beautiful and last the journey. Julisa included some polishes in our goodie boxes and are also featured in our Autumn Retreat Yourself Box!

Petal Post provided us with beautiful flowers for our Sydney event and also gave everyone who attended their very own mini flower arrangement. Petal Post are a subscription based service where you receive beautiful blooms to your door on an ongoing basis! There’s nothing nicer than receiving a bunch of flowers every week (even if they are from yourself! hehe)

And then there was the gorgeous goodie boxes that we gave to each attendee, valued at over $180…

The boxes included so many beautiful products that all contribute to a glowing and vibrant life:

Each event was incredible in its own way and we are just so happy with how everything turned out. To Barre Body, our incredible speakers, all of the brands who were involved and the people who came along to join us – we thank you. We could not have done it without you!

Stay tuned for more events to come!

With so much love and gratitude,

Kate xx


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