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Baking - The Perfect Weekend Activity! 

Baking - The Perfect Weekend Activity! 

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked treats, especially when they’re guilt free.

For so much of our lives we were told that cakes, cookies and muffins were a “sometimes” food reserved for special occasions. But with the advent of healthy whole food alternatives we can now have our cake and eat it too!

When we allow ourselves a daily ‘treat’ (even though the ingredients are all very healthy) we avoid creating a restrictive relationship with food and can prevent against more intense cravings or binges on unhealthy foods. That way when a craving or sensation arises we don’t have to endure an internal battle of “do I or don’t I?”

One of our favourite ways to ensure that we are well stocked with healthy and delicious snacks is to bake on the weekend! It’s fun, it’s relaxing and of course we’re left with a great reward afterwards.

Our latest obsession has been Cookie Dough Protein Balls – yeah, that’s a thing. The Health Food Project has created a healthy and more satisfying alternative to…eating cookie dough out of the packet…with their 100% Vegan, Gluten and Refined Sugar Free Cookie Dough Protein Balls. Made out of only digestion-friendly brown rice protein powder, natural almonds and chocolate with a hint of sweet vanilla, these babies are the perfect 3pm snack!

The best news is however that there’s actually no baking required. That’s right, no messy baking or clean up required. All we need to do is simply combine the packet mixture with Coconut Oil, Rice Malt Syrup and roll them into bite-sized balls. That’s it!

It’s hard to believe that something that tastes so good could be so good for you, but these protein mixes pack a powerful punch of nutrition.

Unlike many other protein mixes that use Whey Protein, the Plant Based Protein used by The Health Food Project is easily digestible and far easier for your body to absorb as nutrients, meaning that you will actually reap the reward of consuming such a powerful plant based supplement.  In combination with the healthy fats and superfood spices, just one small but powerful  ball is designed to keep you fuller for longer on-the-go, pre or post workout, or overnight before bed. Oh, and did we mention it was delicious too?

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