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Here's Why Environmental Eating Is So Important.....

Here's Why Environmental Eating Is So Important.....

While many Australian's recognise the impact of poor diets on the nation's growing waistlines and health conditions, few understand the link between commercial food systems and major impacts on the environment. And it is for this reason that we thought it best to share all that we know about environmental eating.

Healthy Eating Makes A Healthy Planet

A growing number of scientists around the world have turned their attention towards the logistics and impact of food on the environment. And as it turns out, eating healthy isn't just good for your body but can also drastically reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment overall. This is because food production including growing crops, raising livestock, fishing and transportation is responsible for 20 percent to 30 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions. By eating locally or ethically and environmentally sourced natural foods we can decrease our greenhouse gas emissions drastically. In fact, a recent study published by (USA) found that if high-income nations (only) followed the dietary recommendations of their respective governments, greenhouse gases related to the production of the food they eat would fall by 13 percent to 25 percent.

Organic Is The Way To Go

Another effective way to reduce environmental and toxic waste is to invest in organic farming. Some businesses like Alter Eco for example have been certified organic from the start, because farming in this way ensures that no harm is done to soil or ecosystems. And that’s why they are pursuing the pilot program for Regenerative Organic Certification – a holistic, systemic approach to farming that gives back more than it takes. Now that’s something we can get behind!

Fair Trade

“Fair Trade” is a label we often see but rarely understand. So what does fair trade really mean? As you may know, fairtrade ensures that a fair price is paid to farmers for their labor and crop. This set price that does not fluctuate with the market, providing farmers with a secure and predictable income to invest in their lives and work.

This means that by supporting fair trade products with your hard earned dollar, you are providing safe, secure income to small scale producers growing food and using farming systems that give back to their communities and ultimately regenerate our planet.

Recyclable Packing

Recyclable packaging is a great step in the right direction when it comes to sustainable eating, with small cardboard boxes being significantly better for the environment than plastic ones. Not a single company however had figured out how to make a sustainable wrapper for chocolate treats, until now. Alter Eco was determined and so they started working with partners and manufacturers to find solutions. And while it took a few years, they launched the world’s first non-GMO, non-toxic candy wrappers and hope to encourage the rest of the industry to follow suit.

So while we often shop for our tummies, it seems it’s time to use our heads and hearts a little bit more when it comes to our food, and support those companies that can not only supply us with great tasting produce and treats but also support happy, healthy trading and responsible production like Alter Eco and others fighting the good fight.

You can find out more about Alter Eco here:


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