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Learning to embrace every part of you

Learning to embrace every part of you

None of us are perfect. Literally none of us. We live in an age of highlight reels, perfected photo angles and flaunted achievements. With social media at our fingertips and our desire as humans to be liked and accepted, it’s only natural that we want to share the best parts of our lives. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share the best parts of your day, except for the fact that the people watching are not seeing the whole picture - ie. the other 99.9% of life. The mundane, the imperfect, the in-between.

And the problem with this is that, if you allow it, you end up comparing yourself to these perfected photos, achievements and successes. You poke at your quirks. You pull apart your flaws. You ruminate on your imperfections. You tell yourself that because you don’t have what they have, you must not be good enough.

Well today, we’re here to tell you that you are good enough. You just need to believe it. Who you think you are is literally just that, who YOU think you are; who you have told yourself you are.

When you’re living in a place where you dislike parts of yourself, you end up living from a place of fear. You shy away from deep connections, you hold back from new opportunities. You close yourself off to the full experience of life. 

Spending energy and time thinking about the things you dislike about yourself and your life only depletes your energy and saps you of your life force. You end up spending so much of your headspace on the negative that the negative becomes your reality.

You stop showing up as the best version of yourself, not because you don’t have the ability to be the best version of yourself, but because you choose to not see that greatness that you are. The result of this being that you miss opportunities, and the chance to truly get the most of your every day.

And while it takes a lot of unlearning and rewriting the story you tell yourself about who you are and how you relate to the world, it can be done. And to be honest, it must be done. Life is far too short to walk around being ashamed or embarrassed of parts of you. You are perfect; wholly, imperfect. You just need to accept yourself as you are, and gently and kindly work on the parts of yourself that you see need improving, but from a place of love.

As the saying goes "the life you want starts by embracing the life you have". So take a moment today to think about the things you like about yourself.

You are worthy of living a life you truly love.


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