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The brands & products in the 'Pamper & Glow' Mystery Box

The brands & products in the 'Pamper & Glow' Mystery Box
Our 'Pamper & Glow' Mystery Box was created to help you prioritise filling your self-care 'bucket', with beautiful products from some amazing, conscious Australian & New Zealand makers and brands. 

These wholesome AU & NZ brands all pour their heart and soul into creating incredible products to support wellness. They choose beautiful, premium ingredients, spend months or often years on research, and they are so excited for you to be able to try their products. They are truly passionate about what they do. 

Read on below to learn about the brand behind each product, why they do what they do, and how you can use each of the products found in the Pamper & Glow Mystery Box.


SALT AND GLOW'Harvest' Hand Cream ($18.90 RRP)

Natural | Vegan | No Animal Testing | Artificial Fragrance Free | Paraben Free

The 'Harvest' Hand Cream by Salt & Glow is a decadent, ultra nourishing blend of Shea butter, Apricot Seed oil & Vitamin E. A little goes a long way. The scent is an affair with spring over an endless meadow of warm florals. As you trickle your fingers across the petals, the blissful redolence is aroused. Notes of Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, a burst of Tangerine + a lingering base of Cedarwood. Apply to hands & nails as needed.

BRAND BIO ~ Salt And Glow started their brand with the mission to give back. Their skin-loving products are handmade in Sydney using local ingredients and headed up by incredible founder, Roxy. All of their products are designed to encourage self-love, and to remind you to take a moment for yourself. Part of their proceeds support Roslin Orphanage in Kupang, Indonesia, helping to ensure children grow up knowing their value.

W: | IG: @saltandglow

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for $10-off total order until 30/10/23.


ORGANIC MINISTRY - Bath & Body Oil, Eco Pouch ($36.95 RRP)

Natural | Vegan | No Animal Testing | Artificial Fragrance Free| Paraben Free

The Bath & Body Pouch by Organic Ministry, in their eco-pouch, is a deeply hydrating Bath & Body Oil. An ideal pre cleanser or makeup remover. Rich in squalene & Vitamin E both containing high percentages of fatty acids, making the perfect all over moisturiser. Add 1-2 pumps to your bath and soak, 1-2 pumps to damp skin after a shower, or 1-2 pumps massaged over entire face, removing makeup & impurities.

BRAND BIO ~ Organic Ministry are mindfully made for this generation and the next. 100% AU made & owned, artisan hand poured, packaged and labelled. Complete transparency of ingredients and sustainability promises, and driven to be the #1 brand for eco-luxe efficacious products, that considers both humans and the planet.

W: | IG: @organicministryau

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 20% off until 30/07/23.


FUNDAY NATURAL SWEETS - Fruity Vegan Gummy Bears or Raspberry Gummy Frogs ($4.95 RRP)

Natural | No Animal Testing | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

At FUNDAY, they’ve found the sweet spot. 100% natural lollies bursting with real fruity flavour and containing up to 91% less sugar than your average lolly. Packed with gut-loving prebiotic fibre and made with no sugar added or sugar alcohols. Other varieties include Sour Vegan Gummy Bears, Sour Peach Hearts and Fruity Gummy Snakes.

BRAND BIO ~ It all started with a transformation story. Funday founder, Daniel, had an unhealthy relationship with food and became fed up with lack-lustre sweets in the supermarket. After hundreds of attempts to create his own delicious sweets with no sugar added & no sugar alcohols, FUNDAY Natural Sweets was born!

W: | IG: @fundaysweets

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 20% off. One use per customer.


WRINKLES SCHMINKLES Face Polishing Peel Pads ($24.95 RRP)

Vegan | No Animal Testing | Artificial Fragrance Free | Paraben Free

These Face Polishing Peel Pads by Wrinkles Schminkles work like a facial peel in clinic, yet in 2 minutes, at home! Formulated with a powerful combination of 7 acids - AHAs, BHAs and PHA - plus minerals, antioxidants and anti ageing ingredients, they deliver safely exfoliated and resurfaced skin free of dead skin cells, with visibly smoother lines and minimised appearance of pores.

BRAND BIO ~ Wrinkles Schminkles’ hero product are 100% Medical Grade Silicone Pads - a non-invasive treatment, worn while you sleep and treating fine lines or wrinkles. The pads keep skin taut so it can’t crease, while the healing properties of medical grade silicone create hydration and moisture - all while you sleep!

W: | IG: @wrinklesschminkles

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 20% off until 30/09/23.


PEARLII - Zero-Waste Whitening Toothpaste ($19.00 RRP)

Vegan | No Animal Testing | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

Keep your smile shining bright with Pearlii’s Zero-Waste Whitening Toothpaste. This dentist-approved whitening toothpaste keeps your teeth clean, breath fresh and smile bright, and it’s been created with sustainability in mind. Pearlii’s toothpaste tubes are made from fully recyclable Platina. Safe daily whitening, cleans & protects, reduces stains, enamel safe.

BRAND BIO ~ Pearlii is on a mission is to improve oral health around the globe through free AI powered dental check-ups, education, and by donating 50% of profit to provide free dental surgery for those who can’t afford or access a dentist.

W: | IG: @pearliicare

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 40% off Pearlii Whitening Range (Whitening KIt, Toothpaste + Refills).


HANKY PLANTY - Walnut Shell Exfoliating Soap Bar ($14.00 RRP)


Vegan | No Animal Testing | Artificial Fragrance Free | Paraben Free

Purify and smooth your skin with this luscious, lathering Walnut Shell Exfoliating Soap Bar by Hanky Planty. Rich and nourishing, the creamy formulation deeply purifies while naturally exfoliating dull, dry skin, speeding the elimination of dead cells in the skin epidermis, and revealing fresh, new and brighter skin. Simply wet your hands and create a lather, and apply to whole body in a circular motion.

BRAND BIO ~ Because your skin is a living, breathing organ, Hanky Planty make products for YOU. To meet diverse skin demands, Hanky Planty use botanical elements from nature, including natural oils & fatty acids, making them suitable for everyone. They love animals & never test on them, nor use animal-derived products.

W: | IG:

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 15% off until 30/09/23. One use per customer.


GLOW UP LAB - Vitamin C Brightening Mask ($22.00 RRP)

Vegan | No Animal Testing | Artificial Fragrance Free | Paraben Free | SLS Free | Sulphate Free

The Vitamin C Brightening Sheet Mask by Glow Up Lab is a skin-boosting bio-cellulose face mask formulated by a Dermal Therapist, infused with brightening Vitamin C, enriching antioxidants and nourishing botanicals for radiant, glowing skin. Tangerine, grapefruit and licorice extract refine skin texture and protect from free radicals, and marine algae locks in hydration. Apply for 20 mins.

BRAND BIO ~ Glow Up Lab was created by Dermal Therapist Helena, and Oral Health Therapist Lina, to provide effective, easy to use skin and dental solutions. They value scientifically proven ingredients, high quality & safe products, and eco-friendly packaging, all coming together to give you a salon experience from home.

W: | IG: @glowuplab_

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 20% off until 31/08/23.


BALMYBEE - Lip Balm, Geranium & Jasmine or Grapefruit ($8.95 RRP)

Natural | Organic | No Animal Testing | Artificial Fragrance Free | Paraben Free

The Geranium & Jasmine Lip Balm by Balmybee has an uplifting effect on your mind, body & soul, and is beneficial as an antibacterial and disinfectant; and the Grapefruit Lip Balm is an elevating blend, to help lighten your mood, assist in clearing your thoughts, and has strong antibacterial properties that can soothe irritated lips. Apply minimally to lips or anywhere that needs some extra nourishing.

BRAND BIO ~ Balmybee Lip Balms are cruelty free, chemical free, natural, organic, have high quality essential oils that smell wonderful and are super beneficial for your lips. This is why Balmybee should be in everyone's hands! Balmybee lip balms are handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia by their incredible founder, Julia.

W: | IG: @balmy.bee

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 30% off.


RUTHERFORD & MEYER - Upcycled Grain Project Grain Crisps ($5 RRP) 

Natural | Vegan | No Animal Testing | Oven Baked | Upcycled

The Upcycled Grain Project Grain Crisps by Rutherford & Meyer utilise the nutrient rich leftover grain from beer brewing. This 'spent grain' is full of fibre, protein and is naturally sugar-free, the perfect complement to 100% natural ingredients to make these indulgent Crisps. Giving this grain a second life helps to minimise waste and reduce reliance on new resources.

BRAND BIO ~ At Rutherford & Meyer, they truly care about what we put into our bodies and how we utilise resources. They insist on using only 100% natural ingredients and their Upcycled Grain Project gives a second life to the leftover grain from beer brewing by upcycling it into a delicious range of snacks.

W: | IG: @rutherfordandmeyer

Available at Woolworths.


LYRES - Amalfi Spritz RTD ($3.75/$99 RRP per case of 24)

Natural | Vegan | No Animal Testing | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

This unique spirit by Lyres has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of an Amalfi Spritz with flavours that are distinct & contemporary. The bittersweet orange and rich peach flavours are like sunshine itself, bright, intense and the promise of good times. The fine bubble fills the palate with fresh orange, complex rhubarb and elderflower to finish dry and deliciously refreshing.

BRAND BIO ~ Lyre’s was created to change the way the world drinks, with a premium non-alcoholic spirits and RTD range giving you freedom to enjoy your drink, your way. With over 17 classic spirits, 5 premixed varieties and a sparkling, practically any cocktail can be faithfully recreated and enjoyed in a non-alcoholic fashion.

W: | IG: @lyresspiritco ​

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 10% until 30/09/23. Also avail at Coles, Woolworths, Dan Murphys, BWS, First Choice, Vintage Cellars.


DR. BRONNER'S - Pure Castile Liquid Soap, Lavender ​($6.55 RRP - also comes in bigger sizes)

Natural | Organic | Vegan | No Animal Testing | Artificial Fragrance Free | Paraben Free

Scented with pure lavender and lavandin oils to calm the mind and soothe the body, the 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Lavender Liquid Soap by Dr. Bronners is concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective. Made with organic & certified fair trade ingredients, packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle. Can be used for face, body, hair, food, dishes, laundry, mopping & pets, with no synthetic preservatives or detergents. 

BRAND BIO ~ Dr. Bronner’s is a family-owned & run business with over 150 years of soapmaking excellence. Honouring the vision of founder Emanuel Bronner, the world-renowned company makes socially & environmentally responsible personal care products and dedicates profits to causes and charities worldwide. ​

W: | IG: @drbronners_australianz

Available at David Jones, Priceline, online + health food stores.


BSKT WHOLEFOODS - Napolitains, Davidson Plum + Dark n Salty ($1 RRP each, bigger blocks also available)


Natural | Vegan | No Animal Testing | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

BSKT Wholefoods' new Native range of chocolates infuses the medicinal plant knowledge of our Indigenous elders and infuses them with a serotonin and dopamine boosting natural chocolate. Free from nasty refined sugars and anything artificial, and instead using low-gi organic coconut sugar. Davidson Plum and Saltbush are known for their high sources of Vitamin E, C, Zinc and Calcium, plus plenty of antioxidants to fight off free radicals.

BRAND BIO - BSKT Wholefoods' mission is to provide nourishing food options for all that promote health and a sustainable conscious way of living, whilst honouring Indigenous heritage and supporting local communities. BSKT Wholefoods share with you the medicinal superfoods that grow in our beautiful Australian backyard. Your Health, Our Culture.

W: | IG: @bsktwholefoods

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 10% off until 30/09/23.


NUTRA ORGANICS - Collagen Beauty (single use sachets of both the Caramel + Vanilla flavours)

Natural | No Animal Testing | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

The Collagen Beauty Vanilla & Caramel flavours by Nutra Organics for coffee are a low-sugar, non-dairy, delicious way to enjoy Collagen Beauty in coffee and hot drinks. Made with only pure wholefood ingredients, Collagen Beauty contains Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides & 100% RDI of Vitamin C. A natural formulation to reduce skin wrinkles and smooth fine lines, increase skin hydration and elasticity, and support healthy hair & nails.

BRAND BIO - Nutra Organics make wholefood superfoods fun and delicious without all the synthetic fluff. Transform your wellbeing with pure and clean formulations that provide nourishment you can feel, results you can see, and more confidence in your body, while being kind to the planet in the process. Nutra Organics believe your wellbeing journey should be uncomplicated, accessible to all and delicious. They believe in loving your life, loving your body, and having fun! Nutra Organics are a force for good to create wellbeing and confidence for us all.

W: | IG: @nutraorganics

RY exclusive discount code: RYMYSTERY for 15% off this range ​until 30/09/23.


  • Emma Marriott

    I would like the pamper and glow box I’ve just received an email for and now it’s saying sold out? Em

  • Chloe

    I have to say this has been the best mystery box ever :)

  • Heather

    This was such a treat. As a fairly new subscriber, I was expecting similar items from the couple of previous boxes I have received. I was wrong, everything in this box is so new and such a delight. It complements everything from the monthly boxes beautifully. I am a particular fan of the Organic Ministry Oil and the Hanky Planty soap, what a treat, makes me feel a million dollars. Thank you

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