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Our Top 5 Travel Essentials!

Our Top 5 Travel Essentials!

Whether you’re heading off on a road trip or flying internationally with a bit of a crazy flight timetable, it can be tricky to know what you need to take with you without packing an extra suitcase.

Here we have taken the guess work out of your travel packing and have devised the perfect list of Travel Essentials to ensure that you are travelling happy, healthy and well.

1. Reusable Water Bottle

    A big re-usable water bottle is an absolute must when travelling. By staying hydrated during our travels we are less likely to be tempted by airport food courts and rest stops and make healthier food choices throughout our journey. Plus, you can empty them for airport security and have them re-filled by staff on-board your flight! The best part? You'll be limiting waste as you go. A no-brainer if you ask us! Our fave is Mizu Bottles - check them out!

     2. Healthy Snacks

      One of the biggest issues when travelling is being out of routine and out of your own kitchen. Very rarely do food courts and airlines have great options for healthy and restricted diets. The best way to fool-proof your food choices is to pack your own snacks! Some offer favourites include: BSKT bars, Happy Snacks Chickpea Nuts and Blue Dinosaur bars. Why? All of these options are non-perishable, international travel approved and pack a powerful - and delicious - punch of protein to keep you well satiated until your next meal.

      3. Hand Sanitiser

        There’s no denying that travel-stop bathrooms aren’t the most hygienic of places…and airports can be the same. It is so important to tend to personal hygiene during your travels to avoid getting sick but unfortunately, even the soaps in offer in these bathrooms aren’t of the best quality; full of chemicals, colours and who knows what else. When we travel we always pack a Bondi Wash Hand Wash Sachet with essential oils, all natural moisturisers and an anti-bacterial Australian bush oil.

        4. Workout Inspo

          Don’t let travelling be an excuse to fall off the bandwagon! Stay on track with your health and fitness goals with Peta Serras Professional Babe - Pilates Stretching DVD. Whether you’re at a hotel, motel or Airbnb, chances are there is a DVD player and a TV! Or, on your laptop! All you need is some space and 15 minutes to sculpt and stretch into your best body.

          5. Your chargers

            It might seem obvious but you’d be surprised just how many time we have left ours behind!

            Pack your carry on or front seat handbag with these essentials and enjoy your most fool-proof journey yet! You might even come home in better shape than you left…


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