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Probiotic skincare is the secret to calm, clear skin!

Probiotic skincare is the secret to calm, clear skin!

**By special guest, Elizabeth Barbalich, CEO & Founder of Antipodes**

Are you prone to blemishes, irritation, sensitivity, or premature ageing? Check your skin barrier.

What is the skin barrier?

Put simply, your skin barrier keeps good things in, and keeps bad things out. It’s your first line of defence against external aggressors that can damage your skin, such as allergens, pollutants, and other irritants. A weakened barrier means that your skin loses vital moisture and is vulnerable to harm, which can show up as blemishes, redness, and premature ageing.

3 benefits of a strong skin barrier:

  1. Inflammation is reduced: blemishes are calmed, redness is alleviated.
  2. Hydration is optimised: skin is softer and smoother.
  3. Protection against future damage: the barrier is better able to defend itself.

Probiotic skincare helps to ensure that good bacteria outnumber bad bacteria, helping to bolster the skin barrier and keep skin calm, clear, and blemish-free.

The 3 Ps: what is the difference between probiotics, postbiotics & prebiotics?

‘Probiotics’ refers to the live bacteria that lives all over your body, as well as in fermented foods such as yoghurt and kombucha.

Postbiotics are ‘non-live’ probiotics, developed through a fermentation process. It’s a stable form of probiotic that is effective for use in skincare.

Prebiotics are compounds that probiotics feed on, helping the good bacteria to thrive.

Your biome-balancing moisturiser

Antipodes’ Calming & Clearing range features Kalibiome, a world-class natural postbiotic – a ‘non-live’ bacteria. Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream features Kalibiome AGE, a strain of the postbiotic that has been clinically shown to soothe redness and itching, reduce inflammation, and boost hydration.*

The probiotic night cream cultivates a balance of good and bad bacteria, which enhances your skin barrier and results in your healthiest-looking complexion yet.

*Kalibiome probiotics/postbiotics 600: clinically shown to revitalise extracellular matrix


Elizabeth Barbalich is the founder and CEO of Antipodes, New Zealand’s Scientific Green Beauty brand. Elizabeth studied science and business before spending eight years in a sales role for a US surgical corporation. Raising her children led to an interest in creating a non-toxic household. She studied natural health, then scoured the world for natural skincare that performed as well as the conventional brands she used. Finding none, she decided to make her own, and founded Antipodes in 2004.

You can find out more about Antipodes at, and purchase Antipodes products from either their website, or via stockists including the Retreat Yourself Online Store, David Jones, The Iconic, Adore Beauty, Priceline, Look Fantastic, Healthy Life and selected independent health and pharmacy stores nationally. 

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  • Sonia

    Just started using antipodes mane and night and serum I normally use overseas companies but I have to say my skin is loving your product and as a 49 yo with sensitive skin im extremely pleased thks sonia

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