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Start doing these things to create the life you want

Start doing these things to create the life you want

I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘manifestation’ thrown around. It’s used a lot these days, so you’d think we’d all have a grasp on what exactly it is and how to do it, yet the information can come across as vague, overwhelming or even a bit ‘woo woo’. For some people, the idea of creating your reality by thinking about what you want, might just seem straight daft.

But to put it simply, manifestation is the act of attracting what you want in life, by focusing on the things you want to happen. When we focus on what we truly want, we subconsciously start to take steps towards our end goal, and our dreams start to become our reality.

I guess a way of explaining it is, if you look at life as being a host of problems and issues, that’s what it’s going to be. But if you look past the trivial parts of your day and see life as a wonderful experience of opportunity, that is also what it will be. Essentially you create your life by deciding how you perceive it. Where you look, you go. What you think about, you attract. What you focus on, you create.

It really isn’t that woo woo at the end of the day, it’s really all about mindset. And for those of you who still aren’t convinced, surely you believe Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity, which basically says that when something happens, it can be perceived or experienced differently by different people. Say a storm rolls through town - you can’t argue that a storm is rain coming from clouds and that there’s wind and rain, it’s science! However each person’s experience of the storm can be completely different. Some people choose to sit inside and complain about the weather, while others put on their gumboots and go for a stroll in the rain. 

We choose how we relate to or experience the things that happen in our lives, and therefore, that creates our reality.

So how do you create a better mindset, and start living the life you want?

  • Write a letter to yourself, from your future self. Write yourself a letter from yourself, 5 years from now as if you were living your dream life. What goals have you achieved? Where are you living? How do you feel? What would you tell yourself now? Write this down and then hide it away somewhere where you can look at it in a few years time.
  • Meditate and visualise. When we meditate, we gain clarity, energy, and just a general sense of awareness and fulfilment. When we combine this with visualising what we want to manifest in our lives, and consciously feeling the emotions that would come with manifesting our dream life, we slowly but surely start to watch our dream life unfold.
  • Practice gratitude. We live in a society that constantly delivers us messages that we’re lacking, so we need to shift our perspective to see the things we actually have, rather than the things we don't. By doing this, we start to create an attitude and mindset of abundance. It can be as simple as thinking of how grateful you are for good food, as you cook your family dinner. Or taking a moment to feel grateful for your able body, as you walk your way to work.
  • Create the habit. What is it that you're wanting to achieve? And what are some small, simple steps that will help you get there? Start by slowly implementing these daily habits into your life, and watch things start to change shape.
  • Let go and surrender. Once you’ve put out to the universe, you have to let go of trying to control the outcome (I know, I know, this isn’t what you want to hear). You have to trust that the work has been done and feel confident in knowing that awesome things are coming your way. This is the beauty and fun of manifestation, we get to imagine all of our dreams coming true, sit back and watch it happen without lifting a finger. Sounds pretty good to me! So what have you got to lose?


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