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The how-to for a mindful skincare session

The how-to for a mindful skincare session

Through long, busy days, carving out time just for yourself can be challenging… to say the least. If you’re in need of more self-care time (like most of us are!), try implementing mindfulness into the moments that already exist in your daily routine. And one easy way to do so? Take a look at your skincare routine.

If skincare is something you rush through in the evening, eager to jump into bed — or a hassle in the morning as you fight drowsiness and buzzing notifications — then implementing mindfulness into your skincare routine might be the best new habit you make this year. 

Here are our top tips for making your skincare routine more mindful, bringing peace and calm to the start and end of each day. 

Slow it down

If we could capture mindfulness in one phrase, it would be this: pay attention. Are you slapping products on your face and running out the door? Are you reaching for quick and easy options, rather than choosing what truly soothes your skin and soul? If so, it’s time to slow it down. Stop rushing the process. Allow your skincare routine to be a moment of calm in the storm. Indulge in an extra cream or serum you love, add in a facial massage, or feel the cooling, tingling effects of the products on your skin. Having awareness of every sensation keeps you present and mindful. 

Set the mood

Are you into podcasts or pop tunes? Are you seeking silence, candles and dim light, or an energising routine to start your day right? Whichever you crave, set it up before the skincare session. Create a mood that brings what you need, whether it be peace and calm or a boost of energy to take on the day.

Make it meditative

Instead of throwing on a face mask and continuing your day, take those dedicated five or ten minutes and transform them into a mask meditation session. Just a few minutes of sitting with yourself in silence, focusing on your breathing and letting thoughts drift away will bring all the benefits of meditation — without taking hours of your time. Throw on a meditative podcast or peaceful music, and allow yourself to find tranquillity while your mask works its magic.

Breathe deep

Simple? Maybe, but it works. Imagine taking a moment to focus on your breathing as you silently massage a soothing serum into your skin… now that’s bliss. Deep breathing is transformative, and can be a powerful tool in managing daily stress and anxiety — and it signals a slow down before you slip into deep rest.

Focus on feel-good

As we see by the multitudes of tutorials and product recommendations that fill our feed, there is absolutely no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare. The needs and desires of skin differ, and what works for one may not work for another — and, likewise, we all crave different experiences in our self care. Maybe you need an energising dance sesh while you do your morning routine, or maybe you need a cooling, refreshing face mask (and five minutes of sit-down silence) before you tackle a busy day. A mindful skincare routine goes beyond the products you apply to your face; reach for the rituals that make you feel your very best.

What sort of rituals will you add to your skincare routine? Retreat Yourself boxes are packed full with products, suggestions and encouragement for a mindful, soul-soothing slowdown.

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