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The power of attitude

The power of attitude

How often do you pause to examine the lens you view the world through?

On a daily basis, we come face-to-face with endless information: thoughts, ideas and opinions of others that fill up our social feeds and inboxes; to-do lists and responsibilities that demand valuable time from our days; media and entertainment options we sink into to relax.

This constant stream of external information means not every thought whirling around our minds comes from internal sources: our hearts and minds. Through busy days and daily routines, our values, beliefs and ideas can become mixed and mingled with the opinions, expectations and viewpoints of others — which is not a negative thing in itself. It’s the human experience.

But just like the occasional physical exam or eye test, we must occasionally check in with our perspective and attitude to make sure everything feels right.

It’s no secret that some people walk through life with a ‘chip on their shoulder’; they ooze pessimism and feel unsatisfied at every turn. If we allow these complaints to sink into our psyche, we might find ourselves frowning at inconveniences that barely used to make us blink.

On the other hand, some people move freely through life, flowing from one place to the next like a butterfly in the wind. Whilst this delightfully carefree attitude is a perfect match for nomadic souls, you don’t necessarily want the pull of adventure to call you away from present moments with your family at home. 

When you spend time interacting with these attitudes, among many others that exist, they can habitually sink into your own lens, and tint your perception of how you view your life.

It is not inherently a bad thing to be influenced by the perspectives of others, but sometimes we must check in with our own.

Next time you face an interaction or responsibility, consider how your attitude subconsciously shows up. Is vacuuming your floors a draining chore, or do you smile at the opportunity to care for your space? Do you dread Sunday plans with a friend, wishing you could curl up on the couch for hours instead, or do you value the chance to meaningfully connect with someone important to you?

There is no right or wrong attitude as you move through life — only the one that feels most authentic to you. But always remember the power of attitude, and how it affects everything you see, feel and experience; are you due for your annual check-up?  


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