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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

What is matcha and what is it going to do for me..?

What is matcha and what is it going to do for me..?

Matcha powder = matcha lattes, matcha pancakes, matcha desserts…

You name it – matcha is making it’s way into every drink or dish imaginable.

But what this also means is matcha can be mistaken as simply a bit of a fad – it’s cool right now and looks great in Instagram photos and is fun to have on café menus (it makes everything look greeeeeen!).

However – that’s where we are going to stop you. We’re here to help you find your healthiest & happiest life, and that means helping you find the tools to help you get there.

And we believe Matcha powder – and it’s huge list of benefits – is an incredibly valuable tool to throw into your health toolbox.

And it’s exactly why Matcha Maiden matcha powder features in our Autumn Box.

Here’s just 4 (of many!) reasons why:

  1. Where sure you’ve all heard about the amazing benefits of drinking a cup of green tea, right? So multiply those antioxidants in green tea x 137 times, and the nutritional content x 10 times, squish it all into a little teaspoon of powder, and you’ve got yourself matcha powder. Matcha is early green tea leaves ground up, and makes the most of all the nutrients of the tea leaf that is unable to be used and absorbed through the making and drinking of regular green tea. (Ps. On the topic of antioxidants, let us remind you antioxidants are responsible for making you look younger, for fighting off many diseases, and also fighting the effects of UV radiation. Pretty handy, hey?!)
  2. The leaves made to create matcha contain L-Theanine. What’s that? Let’s just say its an amino acid which has a side effect of creating the chemicals dopamine and serotonin (aka – happiness chemicals!). Not only do these chemicals make you feel great, they also improve memory & concentration. A VERY good alternative for your morning coffee, don’t you think?!
  3. Matcha detoxifies your body. Why? It contains a really high level of chlorophyll which helps your body to get rid of toxins and prevents new toxins or bacteria reproducing. This contributes to a healthy liver, and also helps to prevent illness and disease.
  4. It boosts metabolism and burns fat. In fact, a study found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests consuming matcha tea can increase the body’s rate of burning calories from the normal 8-10% to 35-43%. Putting aside how it can contribute to weight loss, everyone can benefit from an increased metabolism - your metabolism helps you to stay warm in the cold and cool in the heat, to think, to digest, and to circulate blood. Pretty essential stuff right there…

These are only 4 of many, many more amazing benefits of matcha, but we think these benefits alone are enough to show you how beneficial matcha can be to your every day routine. Matcha can be consumed with water or your favourite nut mylk, and we recommend having a mug full each morning for maximum benefits.

We chose to work with Matcha Maiden for our feature on matcha powder this autumn as their matcha is organic, pure and sourced direct from Japan – so you’re getting the GOOD stuff! 

You can check out Matcha Maiden’s range on their website (AND get a sneaky 20% storewide by using the code "RY20" - just for the RY community): 


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