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Why we chose the summer 'Imagine' retreat products

Why we chose the summer 'Imagine' retreat products

When choosing what would go inside the summer 'Imagine' retreat, we wanted to find products that would make you feel vibrant, glowing and capable of taking on the world; achieving anything you can imagine.

We wanted to include goodies that enhance your summertime experience, and give you all of those warm and fuzzy good vibes. Alongside the uplifting playlist, the inspirational Retreat Guide, and the unboxing experience to make you feel truly incredible, we think we did a pretty good job of this!

So without further ado, let's show you the goodness inside the 'Imagine' retreat, and why we thought they’d be perfect...



Retreat Yourself 'Memory Lane' Oil Burner | $34.95 RRP

The 'Memory Lane' Oil Burner is a summer 'Imagine' retreat exclusive. 

It was created to signify 'me-time' and transform the space around you into a memorable moment.

Simply add a Byron Bay Scented Wax Melt from your summer 'Imagine' retreat box, light your tealight candle and engage your senses.


Byron Bay Candles - 'Coconut & Lime' and 'Uplift' Scented Pure Soy Wax Melts | $22.50 RRP

Annemarie & Christopher - and their team - are so passionate about what they do. They really do embody that small business spirit (which we support so much), but their products and fragrances are incredible. 

Another stand out for us is their values when it comes to their products. They are free of all the nasties (petroleum, paraffin, palm oil), their candles and soy melts are all hand poured in their Byron Bay studio, and they’ve created a really amazing ‘zero-waste’ initiative via introducing ‘refillable candles’ - which is pretty great in itself. 

Their Soy Melts represented the most perfect accompaniment to the Retreat Yourself Oil Burners - clean, beautiful fragrances, made ethically and by hand, right in Byron Bay, and by passionate people.


Coast To Coast - Soothing Body or Soothing Hand Cream | $28.00 RRP

Coast to Coast represents so much of what we know is important to you all: a range of hair, skin & body products that so carefully provide you with a beautiful, luxurious and considered ‘retreat’ experience, but at the same time, having such an incredible emphasis on powerful yet truly safe ingredients that have the power to transform your skin. 

They do everything right - they are designed, made and owned right here in Victoria (where founder Nicole lives with her family!), they have zero nasties, the most beautiful fragrances, and their packaging is the type that you don’t want to hide away in a cupboard. Plus, they partner with I-Change as part of their focus on sustainability. 

Their Body Balm and Hand Cream are just two of an incredible range of products - both of these are incredibly nourishing and clean, and truly feel luxurious to use.


The Aromatherapy Co. - Therapy Pulse Point - 'Recovery' or 'Energy' blend | $15.95 RRP

The Aromatherapy Co’s essential oil based scents - found in all of their skin, body & home products - can completely transform a room. And importantly, they actually use therapeutic-grade essential oils in their products - so they are far more beneficial than simply providing a beautiful fragrance! 

The Aromatherapy Co products are sourced in Australia, and made in NZ where most of their team reside, and their products just feel SO luxurious. 

We knew the Energy & Recovery Pulse Point blends would make the perfect addition to the summer ‘Imagine’ retreat, to provide a pick me up during some of the busiest yet most exciting months of the calendar year!


Empire Australia - Aromapure Body Wash | $12.95 RRP

Empire Australia's mission is so simple: to create beautiful + safe products, and support local suppliers in doing so. Empire Australia was created by a Melbourne based duo, and so are just down the road from our HQ! 

Their products include so many beautifully scented products to use on your body and in your home, and many of you had an introduction to Empire through their Body Scrub in our spring 'Embrace' retreat. 

It made so much sense to feature their Aromapure Body Wash in the summer 'Embrace' retreat - with scents including Bergamot, Mandarin + Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass + Lime, or Pink Grapefruit + Geranium, the simple experience of having a shower is completely transformed into a beautiful, aromatherapy experience - the most simple yet effective 'moment' for you. 


Life HQ Wellness - DRENCH 24/7 Instant Dew Factor | $36.00 RRP

Connie + Krystle were so keen to introduce their amazing products to the RY community two years back while still running their skin salon, but the world had other plans! 

We can't even put into words how much backing the Life HQ Wellness products have - Connie + Krystle have SO much experience, and they applied years and years of hands on learning to create their highly effective yet completely clean skincare range.

When we told them about our upcoming summer 'Imagine' retreat, we both immediately knew you would all absolutely fall in love with their hydrating & exfoliating ('exfolidrating' in their words!) 'DRENCH Instant Dew Factor' mist. We can't wait for you all to try this product!


Boodles by Springhill Farm - Boodles Chocolate & Hazelnut 'on-the-go' pack | $2.50 RRP

There is much heart behind Springhill Farm, and all of their slices and products are made not too far from us here in country Victoria - so we consider them not-too-far away neighbours.

And put simply, their products are delicious, easy to find and created in bite-sized portions that we eat way too many of here in the RY office!

We received a sneak peek of their new boodles many months ago, and after tasting them, there was no way we could leave them out of the summer ‘Imagine’ retreat - we think you all deserve boodles in your life. 


Antipodes - Hosanna H20 Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum | $49.00 RRP

We will always sing Antipodes praises. They are the real deal - truly 'green' (conscious, ethical, eco-friendly, clean), NZ owned & made, and there is so much science behind their products. They only use the best of the best ingredients - those which truly make a difference in your skin (and have been scientifically proven to do so!), but at the same time, only clean, vegan, natural and organic ingredients are used.

Founder Elizabeth (pictured below) has created the most incredible brand in Antipodes, and we can tell you that through our long-term relationship with them, every single one of their team members is just as passionate about their brand.

The Hosanna serum was the most perfect product to include in the summer 'Imagine' retreat - its scientifically formalated to be plumping, hydrating, brightening and firming, yet natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free and artificial fragrance free. An absolute treat for our skin at this time of year. 

Nourished Skin Co. - Organic Eye Serum | $25.00 RRP

We actually came across Nourished Skin Co through a series of awards they won - their Organic Eye Serum actually won gold at the Organic Beauty awards! 

We've had some great chats with Kate, and found out fairly early on that her making all of her own products supports her desire to control the high quality ingredients she uses, and the method of making her products. 

Like all other products, the Organic Eye Serums are all natural, certified organic, plant-based and gentle, yet truly effective - plus it feels really nourishing to use with the cooling roller ball. 


Altina - 'Sansgria' or 'La Vie En Rose' | $5.00 RRP

Summer is often a time for social events and festivities, which traditionally here in Australia, has often meant an increase in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

The incredible Altina team are playing such a big part in providing truly delicious beverage options - from having tried many non-alcoholic wines in the past, their drinks really are a stand out. And their 'Sansgria' - well, we suggest you try it to experience how delicious it is!


Airyday - Golden Glow SPF50+ Dreamscreen Mini

We discovered Airyday a number of months back, well before their official launch! Their incredibly sustainable focus was what impressed us first and foremost - 100% recycled packaging, as well as multiple other eco-friendly initiatives (incl. solar panels at their HQ, sustainable supply chain, made with 70% less CO2 emissions - the list goes on). 

And their SPF formulas - absolutely dreamy! Think completely clear, dewy, primer style SPFs, or brightening creams, with added anti-ageing ingredients (and all made in Australia, of course).

Their Golden Glow 'Mini' SPF50+ Dreamscreens were an absolute no brainer for the summer 'Imagine' retreat - they create a creamy, luminous glow, and can be used under or over makeup (and they smell like Champagne & Peonies!).


Rutherford & Meyer - Cracker Minis Beetroot | $4.00 RRP + Fig Fruit Paste | $6.00 RRP

Rutherford & Meyer reached out to us a little while ago to let us know about a new product they were launching (and an all-natural, vegan, gluten-free one at that!). They quickly told us they were all about their products not costing the earth, which we knew you’d all love. 

And with that, we had an idea: Rutherford & Meyer are the leaders in the platter game (crackers & delicious pastes!) so we worked with them to bring you the ultimate duo for summer - a mini picnic made with their Beetroot Crackers and their Fig Paste, to create the ultimate self-care moment in the sunshine.


Order the summer 'Imagine' retreat here.


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