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Why you should ditch the word 'busy'

Why you should ditch the word 'busy'

When someone asks, 'How are you?' It's easy and almost instinctive to respond with the default "Busy! But good!" Which yes, life is thankfully allowed to be busy again. But are you busy just filling up the time so you can tell people you're busy? We're taught busy means, and productivity is good, so being busy, especially right now, is good... right?

No, not necessarily. 'Busy' isn't always a sign of productivity or a life lived to the fullest. The need to feel or be constantly 'busy' can ultimately leave you overwhelmed and anxious. Just trying to achieve being 'busy' can cloud your judgement and leave you unable to prioritise what's really important to you. Both personal and professional. 

When you fall into the black hole of 'busyness', you forget to put yourself first. You forget where your friends and family sit on your priority list. And instead, you end up doing things for the sake of it rather than focusing on living in your purpose (which, by the way, isn't to be perpetually busy, surprise!)

So, it's time to put your foot down. It's time to stop glamorising being busy. Instead, focus your energy on setting boundaries both with yourself, your work and others. Find time to get creative and explore your interests. Catch up with friends for brainstorms. Glamourise having the space to fill your days - and ultimately your life - with things that are meaningful and purposeful to you.

It's time to change your language around what you do every day, and how you spend your time relates to your big picture and goals. If you are working hard towards something, tell people that! Tell them, "I've been so productive recently, I'm working toward X Y and Z." Speaking your truth to others will not only encourage a more open and connected conversation, but it will also encourage others to let go of the 'busy' comment too. 

Letting go of being 'busy' will be difficult, but to make changes in your life, you need to be willing to try new things, let go of what no longer serves you, and ultimately transform for the better.


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