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The 'Embrace' retreat experience

The spring ‘Embrace’ retreat is not just about the wonderful products inside (although, they are pretty damn amazing), it’s also about the experience you have when receiving the box, the rituals you develop using the box, and the way this transforms your day to day into a beautiful and healthy life.

The ‘Embrace’ retreat has been created to help you embrace every part of you, inspiring you to live a life you absolutely adore.

Keep scrolling below to get a taste of the experience, and to also peek at everything inside.

Over $215 of full sized goodness!

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The full product list:

The full product list:

RY Speckled Ceramic 'Hug Mug' $34.95
For Sunday People Face Serum (either Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid or Vit C) $29.95
RY Good Vibes Spritz $34.95
Well Naturally White Choc Almonds $5.00
Empire Australia Therapeutic Body Scrub $19.9
Grow Haircare Stimulating Scalp Scrub $17.00
Koala Eco Natural Hand Wash $18.00
KOJA Health Oat Bar $3.50
11 Pearls Phyto Calming Facial Water $35.95
Natures Commonscents Goats Milk & Peppermint Oil Foot Balm $9.90
Mindful Foods Eros Granola Love & Vitality $8.95

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How you'll use your spring 'Embrace' retreat:

Feel surprised & delighted with a beautiful unboxing experience, delivered to your door so you can take some time out for you.

Be guided through the retreat with the Retreat Guide, a 36 page magazine with recipes, mindful activities, yoga, inspirational articles & so much more.

Discover $215 of full sized Aus + NZ health & wellness products, all with a greater mission of making you feel nourished, healthy & fulfilled.

Feel relaxed & refreshed with included retreat activities like meditation, yoga and breathwork to take your experience to another level.

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Why 'Embrace'?

As you wade through the years of life, encountering different people and accumulating learnings from a million different experiences; your sense of self is formed. You decide who you believe you are, and you begin to respond to the world based on that. And before you know it, the stories you tell yourself about who you are start to sculpt your day to day existence.

You put a label on your personality, on your flaws. You decide what you do and don’t like. You put a label on where you fit within society. You decide what you have, what you think you need, and what you believe you’re lacking. 

And while these belief systems can be helpful - helping you to feel secure and confident in yourself and place in the world; they can also be unhelpful - keeping you stuck in a prison of sorts, with rigid boundaries and limits to stop you from truly making the most of life.

The ‘Embrace’ retreat is here to help you peel back the layers and to encourage you to embrace every part of you. Inspiring you to bring softness to the way you speak to yourself, so you can slowly begin to accept your quirks and imperfections. To help you to show compassion and kindness to who you are, and empower you to rewrite the story and the tales you tell yourself.

You deserve to be celebrated for being imperfectly you.

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