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5-Step Winter Beauty Pick-Me-Up

5-Step Winter Beauty Pick-Me-Up

Ahh, Winter… With the frosty mornings, windy days and freezing (as in, FREEZING!) cold nights it’s easy to feel the effects of the drier air and constant heating on our skin, and to lose that rosy glow that is associated with warmer weather and active days outside in the sunshine.

Its ok to feel this way – it happens to us all, and just reminds us of the importance of nourishing our skin & bodies at this time of the year (AND, it forces us to be physically closer to our loved ones – ie. Huddled up under a blanket on the couch!).

While it’s easy to see Winter as a season we’d like to move on past us as quickly as possible, think about what opportunities Winter brings us..

Those nourishing steamy baths…

Those delicious warming soups…

Those morning lie ins in bed under a big fluffy doona…

But what about those times when you’re just not feeling it, and you are wishing your days away looking forward to a summer of glowing skin and some sun induced happy chemicals?

Here’s our 5-step pick-me-up to try this week.

1. We always say it…but work that body!

Spending time outside in the sunshine increases serotonin, enhancing our moods and just making us feel damn good!

But if the sun just ain’t shining when you have the opportunity to get outdoors, chase that serotonin by working out. Exercise is known to increase the production & release of serotonin in your body, and also releases endorphins, otherwise known as feel good chemicals.

Not only will you be feeling great on the inside, but your body and cheeks will be flushed on the outside, making you also look like you’ve just been out enjoying some summer sunshine.

Our tip – exercise in the morning for all day glowing skin.

2. Dry body brushing

There are too many benefits of dry body brushing to mention, but when it comes to looking and feeling good, body brushing works!

The exfoliation of dry body brushing exfoliates our skin, leaving it smooth, tighter, and, well, glowing. But when done right, it increases circulation and leaves your skin with an amazing tingling sensation, helping you to feel extra energized.

While a dry body brush enhances all of these benefits, you can also do this by using a dry exfoliating mitt or loofah.

3. Nourishing & hydrating face mask

Hydrating face masks aren’t just for Sunday nights as part of our before bed skin care routine, they are also great to use before applying our favourite makeup (or making our bare skin look extra gorgeous!) and heading out for the day.

Once you’ve completed your workout and exfoliated, throw on a hydrating mask (we love sheet masks – they help to keep the serums in the mask stay moist to allow your skin enough time to absorb all the goodness), and once you’ve removed it and applied your moisturizer and any BB creams or makeup, it’s amazing how glow-y and dewy your skin will look.

Oh HEY, 5-years-younger-you!

4. Fake the glow..!

Winter also likely means forgoing the fake tan or bronzer that we may be inclined to slather on when faking a summer glow, as it just looks out of place in Winter..!

But, cue a gradual tanning cream that was MADE for the cooler months to a) nourish your skin, and b) give it an ever so slight, Winter appropriate glow (or an Autumn glow if you wish, depending on how many times you want to apply it!).

Step 4 in our Winter pick-me-up is using Eco Tan’s Winter Skin after steps 1-3 have been completed, as it will make you feel amazing.

You get to nourish your skin with good-for-you ingredients (cacao! aloe vera! rose geranium!), and come out the other side with a glow that looks like you just went outside for a long walk on a summer’s day.

5. Add a pop of colour…

Yep, we’re all guilty of donning the darker tones in Winter – black coats, dark coloured jeans or boots.. But why?!

Bright colours have the ability to lift our moods, and we are depriving ourselves a double dose of mood-enhancing ingredients in Winter considering we are also likely to be getting less sunshine.

So – what can you do to add some colour?! It can be as simple as throwing on some bright pink nail polish, or slapping on some vibrant red lipstick (remember the lip balm underneath – it’s chapped lips season!).

How does looking at yourself in the mirror or looking down at your painted nails make you feel? We’re guessing it puts a little smile on your face.


So that’s it – if you’re time poor the above can be squeezed into a little over an hour, and we can bet that you’ll be feeling all the better for it afterwards.

And, once you’re done and feeling fabulous…take advantage! Call your friends to meet up for lunch somewhere with a nice wood fire, grab your better half for a cheese & red wine date, or simply walk down to your local coffee shop for a coffee.

You can check out Eco Tan here.


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