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5 Of Our Top Tips To Slim Down In Time For Summer

5 Of Our Top Tips To Slim Down In Time For Summer

It’s that time of year once again, to slim down in time for the summer; but instead of dreading it what if we could find some simple and enjoyable ways to get our bikini body?

Like so many women we’re very skeptical of diets, weight loss fads, and what appear to be unsustainable approaches to weight loss. For this reason we created a list of our top 5 tips to help you slim down in time for summer.

And so, with no further ado…

Our Top 5 Tips To Slim Down In Time For Summer…

1. Set Very Clear Goals

Numerous studies have told us that if we are able to successfully set personal goals for ourselves, we are far more likely to achieve them. This is because clear goals provide us with a direction and a destination. They give us something to aim for and direct our efforts towards. This perspective also helps in decision making because of course, if you know where you want to go, you are in a better position to make decisions.

2. Get A Friend On Board

We tend to forget how lonely dieting or a weight loss journey can be. We need people there not only to applaud our successes, but also commiserate and support us in times of need. At times when it may feel like we have digressed, we often need a friend to remind us that while the scales may or may not have moved, we remain the same person, and that we are worth so much more than that number.

It is true that no one else can make the decision to eat or not for you, or to exercise for you, however a “slimming buddy” can of course offer support, accountability, and take away the loneliness of getting there.

3. Drink More Tea

Certain teas like the Mojo Natural Body Beautiful Tea in our Spring Box are crafted with great tasting and health promoting ingredients used to increase metabolism and detoxify the body.

If exercise becomes a part of your everyday routine coming into the summer months, you may also find this tea especially helpful as it can reduce inflammation caused by impact exercises, while also providing a supplemental boost of energy after a tough workout.

On top of this, tea is also a great tasting alternative to sugary drinks that comes with no calories, and if we’re looking for a refreshing summer drink we simply can’t look past an Iced Green Tea with Lemon!

4. Make Easy Wholefood Swaps

Eating better isn’t about cutting out entire food groups, eating low-fat everything, or drinking your meals. Discovering better-for-you, everyday alternatives to every day foods is a much more realistic and sustainable approach to cleaning up your diet, and our two favourite alternatives include:

Cauliflower Rice

If you haven’t yet joined the cauliflower-rice train yet, we highly encourage you to! Not only is cauliflower rich in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and cancer-fighting compounds, but you can hardly taste the difference.

Simply grate cauliflower into rice-size pieces with a grater or food processor, pat dry, and then sauté in a skillet until the “rice” is cooked through.

Almond Crust

 Everyone seems to love breadcrumbs but since discovering the crunchy, buttery taste of ground almonds we’ve realised there’s a tastier, healthier and ‘better for you’ alternative. Not only are almonds packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, calcium, and fiber, but numerous studies even suggest that being a regular nut eater might help you live longer.

Simply grind toasted, unsalted almonds to your desired consistency and substitute 1:1 and use them as a coating just like you would regular breadcrumbs.

5. Use More Herbs

Most of us have had herbs and spices in our kitchen cabinet for years, and are usually oblivious to the health benefits that these very small condiments hold, or held many years ago. You see, the issue with most herbs and spices is that they have been sitting on grocery store shelves or so long that most of their nutritional value is gone.

Fresh herbs however still contain the live enzymes and health promoting properties to nourish and heal the body, the application and targeted use of which is called “herbal medicine”.

The Sukkha Herbs Rejuvenate Tonic featured in our Spring Box is just one example of a readily available and effective herbal tonic. The Sukkha Herbs Rejuvenate Tonic is specifically designed to nourish your nervous system and the adrenals, helping to reduce the stress of our mind and body in times of chaos.

While diet and exercise are the most commonly talked about weight loss tools, it is important to address stress in our lives, and offer a solution that will be successful for a long time after bikini season.

We hope that with these top tips you discover that “slimming down” doesn’t have to be hard, and that this summer, next summer and ever summer after you have the information, motivation and momentum to stay healthy all year round.


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