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5 Ways To Calm The Nervous System, De-Stress & Just Chill

5 Ways To Calm The Nervous System, De-Stress & Just Chill

In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with tech, family, work and life commitments, and are very rarely afforded the time to really relax. Unfortunately our “chill time” is so often spent in front of a screen, whether it be an iPhone, a TV or the most pertinent suspect: Netflix. These activities actually stimulate nerve centres of the brain that prevent the brain from releasing dopamine, the feel good chemical, and melatonin, the rest and restore chemical, and as a result we are left more tired and wired and stressed out than ever before.

So how do we chill without the Netflix?

Well we have devised a list of our Top 5 Ways To Calm The Nervous System so that you can truly restore your mind, your body and your energy;

1. Essental Oils

Essential Oils have been around for centuries, having been used in ancient and biblical cultures for cleansing purposes. The beauty of essential oils is that they are natural, extracted from flowers, leaves, bark or roots of plants and yet another example of Mother Nature’s craft.

Rose and flower extracts and essential oils are particularly settling to the emotional heart and like lavender, are known to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

This is why we have included the Sacred Flower Rose Essence Mist in our Spring Box, a spray filled with the essence of rose, frangipani, pink waterlily and pure rosewater, that will not only do wonders for the spaces around your home and purify the air but the spray will also have a renewing effect on your skin.

2. Take A Sip

A cup of tea has long been a part of many people’s nighttime  routine, enjoying a cuppa’ while reading book, lying in the bath, or watching some TV…the issue is however that if you’re drinking Green Tea (which also happens to be our favourite) you’re also getting a hit of caffeine right before bed that will make getting to sleep all the more difficult.

This UTONIC Calm Drink has been specifically designed for this scenario, providing a delicious tasting beverage that helps relax and alleviate feelings of anxiety in the body. This is due to its potent ingredients such as Sour Cherry and decaffeinated Green Tea, that when combined with chamomile and passionflower, provide one powerful dose of calm.

We have also included Sukha Herbs Rejuvenate Tonic in the Spring Box. This blend of Siberian Ginseng, Withania, Rhodiola, Magnolia and Holy Basil has been blended by a certified naturopath to specifically nourish the nervous system and restore the adrenals. Just a couple of drops of this powerful tonic will have you blissed out in no time.

3. Stop And Smell The Roses…Or The Herbs

We are often told to stop and smell the roses in life, but why not grow something you ca eat and smell those instead?

At home herb gardens are growing rapidly in popularity as many city dwellers, as well as those in more rural areas, have recognised the numerous benefits of growing their own herbs and even fruits and veggies too. Not only do we then have fresh herbs available to us all year round, but dinners become exciting, we are eating organic by default, and saving money by doing so, and we might even enjoy the process.

For many people, tending to or simply just visiting a herb or vegetable garden can do a world of good for relieving stress. The sights and smells abound in a herb garden delight the senses, and often have a revitalising effect on the body and mind; much like being outside in the sun breathing fresh air.

But when space and time is of up-most priority the reality of harvesting all of our fruits and vegetables becomes more of a daydream. For this reason we have included the Sow Grow Eat – Herb Garden In A Bag. With this compact tool you can quite literally grow your herbs in a bag! And each of our Spring Boxes comes with a different herb to grow anywhere and later use to jazz up your Spring Salads.

4. Try Meditation…again

We all know that meditation is meant to be good for us, but when it comes to relaxation and calmness we simply can’t afford not to.

If stress has us anxious, tense and worried, we should consider meditation and at least try to spend a few minutes in meditation each day. You would be amazed at the inner calm and peace that can be restored in even just a few short minutes day.

The great news is anyone can practice meditation, it’s simple and inexpensive, and it doesn’t require any special equipment, other than maybe an app. Headspace is a FREE downloadable app that slowly progresses your meditation practice, starting off with just 2 minutes a day and building upwards of 20. The app is very accessible and would be our top recommendation for anyone looking to begin a meditation practice.

*Headspace is available for FREE download in the app store.

5. Yin Yoga

While many of us enjoy a hot, sweaty yoga session, these high-intensity classes leave little room for consciousness and intent, and often leave us more tired and wired than refreshed and invigorated.

Yin Yoga however offers us a chance to really stay present and experience the near-imperceptible shifts that occur while holding a yin posture. In this space, the mind can often wander and begin to think about all the tasks we ‘should’ be doing but the aim is to bring theming back to centre, concentration the breath and the sensation of the body and allow deadlines, commitments, pressing matters, and to-do lists fade to the background.

When we give in to these poses we lessen our need to control the world around us in our day-to-day lives. As a result, our ability to adapt to the ups and downs of life and to manage change will lessen our predisposition to stress and anxiety moving forward.

If you’re feeling tired, stressed and doubtful that you’ll feel better on some supermarket supplement  (which you won’t) we encourage you try any one or all five of these top tips and see how your Monkey Mind responds.


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