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FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

A sneak peak into the Autumn Box & Retreat Plan...

A sneak peak into the Autumn Box & Retreat Plan...

We believe there are 10 elements that lead to a happy mind, a healthy body and a fulfilled life, and we’ve combined them together in our Autumn Retreat Plan.

Why? Because taking time out to balance these areas will leave your heart absolutely FULL. So that you can step out of your busy life and reconnect with YOU.

Our Autumn Retreat Plan can be found in each Autumn Box, and features a number of retreat ‘tools’ to use over the course of your Autumn Retreat, which are the products found in the box!

Let’s have a look over each of these 'tools' and why we chose them to be part of the Autumn Retreat Plan, including some discount codes exclusive to our RY Community!

Enjoy! x

Ps. Stay tuned for the release of our Autumn Unboxing, which may just give you a sneak peak into the exclusive Autumn Retreat Plan itself!

Peace & Co. The Pink Bottle (1 Month Supply) - $28.88

Cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, GMO free

The Pink Bottle© is a strawberry flavoured, heart-shaped gummy product manufactured with a nutraceutical formulation containing a wide array of unique active ingredients and nutrients to revitalise and nourish vibrant skin, promote the growth of long, voluminous, lustrous hair, stimulate the growth of strong, resilient nails whilst simultaneously minimising hair follicle breakage, dry, flaky skin and brittle nails.

Use code 'RYPB25' for 25% off your entire order until 30/06/19

Coconut Bowls Natural Coconut Bowl - $15.00

All-natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan

Coconut bowls are gifts from nature, handcrafted from real coconuts discarded as waste. With every use you save a coconut, help the environment and support rural craftspeople. Coconut Bowls are perfect for your morning breakfast, smoothie bowls and nice-cream.

Use code 'RETREATYOURSELF' for 10% off until 30/06/19

Sea + Clay Leave in Hair Oil + Frizz Tamer - $15.00

All-natural, cruelty free, vegan

Sea + Clay’s leave in hair oil + frizz tamer is an all-natural hair oil that is made to nourish and moisturise dry, processed or damaged hair. Using simple natural and cruelty-free ingredients this hair oil comes from the earth meaning there is no nasties or hidden ingredients. Each element of this hair oil is added to benefit the health of your hair and scalp, leaving you with smooth and shiny hair.

Use code 'RETREAT15' for 15% off storewide until 31/05/19

LaBang Body Raspberry Cleansing & Moisturising Face Wipes - $12.95

Cruelty free, vegan.

La'Bang Body Wipes are quick, convenient and full of skin loving ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin E. To use, simply lift the lid to remove a quick and convenient Face Wipe containing skin loving ingredients such as coconut oil, vitamin e and aloe vera!

Use code 'RETREAT20' for 20% off storewide until 30/06/19

Retreat Yourself Discover Cards - $29.95

We live in a world that’s always pressuring us to ‘be this’, ‘act like this’, ‘do this’, ‘have this’, ‘wear this’. It’s no wonder that you might be left feeling disconnected, out of touch and like you're not really sure who you are anymore. Discover Cards, created by Retreat Yourself, are created to encourage you to dig a little deeper by using questions to reflect, observe, realign your life and thrive!

Pic’s Crunchy Peanut Butter - $5.00

All natural, cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, sugar free.

Pic’s Peanut Butter is made with 100% Australian Peanuts, a little bit of salt and nothing else! Pic’s is also freshly roasted, squished and put straight in the jar, so there’s no chance for the roasted nuts to go rancid or lose their full peanut flavour.

You can find Pic’s in Coles, Woolworths and IGA’s nationwide.

Blossom Brew Face Mask - $15.00

All-natural, cruelty free

Blossom Brew facial masks not only smell delicious but are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help hydrate and refresh the skin, giving your skin the treatment it deserves. All Blossom Brew face masks are clay and botanical based and contain only the most natural ingredients including fresh grounded herbs and organic powders. Suitable for all skin types.

Use code 'THANKYOU20' for 20% off storewide until 31/05/19

Shelby’s Healthy Hedonism Dipped & Dusted Almonds - $3.00

Gluten free, refined sugar frere, no artificial sweeteners,

Ultra thinly coated almonds you really can keep eating. Game changing levels of health & pleasure.

Raspberry & Dark Chocolate, Espresso & Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon & Yoghurt, Matcha & Yoghurt.

Use code 'RETREATYOURSELF19' for $10 off your first order (for orders over $50) until 30/06/19.

BARE by Bauer Biodegradable Toothbrush - $4.50

All-natural handle, cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable handle

A 100% biodegradable handle toothbrush made from non-GMO corn starch, making it the perfect eco-friendly toothbrush. The handle isn’t porous, meaning it won’t go smelly like bamboo brushes can. The BARE toothbrush also features super soft charcoal infused bristles, making it perfect for even the most sensitive gums.

Use code 'RETREAT15' for 15% off storewide (excl. skin food & value packs) until 31/05/19

Food For Health Fruit Free Bars with Almonds & Chia - $7.00

All-natural, vegan, gluten free, FODMAP friendly, GMO free

Food For Health has developed a range of Gluten Free and FODMAP Friendly certified muesli bars, which are available in the Health Foods aisle of Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. With only 5 grams of sugar per bar and bound with rice bran syrup and not glucose, they are a perfect guilt free snack at home, work or on-the-go!

Bean Body Care Facial Exfoliant Scrub - $14.95

All-natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan, GMO free, paraben free

Get your daily glow with Bean Body’s irresistibly scented, caffeine loving facial scrub, which will leave you flawless soft, smooth skin! To use, splash face with warm water and add a layer of me. Gently exfoliate with circular motions, wash and gently pat dry.

Use code 'SCRUB10' for 10% off 220g scrub range until 01/11/19

Beanopini - $7.99 per 200g twin pack

All-natural, cruelty free, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free

For naturally nutritious, easy, on-the-go snacking packed with more protein and fibre per calorie than most plant based sources, Beanopini lupini beans are the ideal “feel-good” snack! Beanopinis slow release energy will leave you feeling ‘full of beans’ for longer.

Skintox Bath Salts - $20

All-natural, cruelty free, vegan

Skintox Detox Bath Salts are the perfect way to gently Detox & Cleanse your skin from the outside, in. The naturally derived ingredients, including plant and botanical extracts, work to relax and restore, while Epsom salts help to gently draw out impurities to reveal softer healthier looking skin. This perfect potion will soak away your tension leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed and rejuvenated after a long day, while also soothing tired muscles.

Use code 'detox' for 20% storewide until 30/06/19

Matcha Maiden Matcha Minis - $11.95

All-natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan

Introducing Matcha Maiden’s brand new matcha minis! Matcha Maiden's organic 100% pure Japanese matcha green tea powder now comes in single serve sachets so you can get your daily dose of green goodness on the go – at the gym, on a plane, at your desk – the possibili-TEAS are endless!

Use code 'RY20' for 20% off storewide until 30/06/19

Camel’s Back Bamboo Straw, Straw Cleaner & Canvas Bag - $7.50

All-natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable, reusable, eco-friendly

Camel's Back Bamboo bamboo straws are handmade, reusable, dishwasher friendly and most importantly 100% biodegradable. Made from bamboo, they are one of the fastest growing and most durable natural materials in the world. The perfect replacement for harmful single use plastic straws, these bamboo beauties will last 6 months or more treated with love and respect!

Use code 'AUTUMNRETREAT10' for 10% off first order until 01/06/19

Morlife Coconut Cacao Chia Pudding - $4.95

All-natural & gluten free

Morlife's Coconut & Cacao Chia Pudding provides a fantastic option for anyone looking for an easy to prepare & nutritious snacking option. This can be enjoyed any time of the day, is a great source of fibre & protein, and is gluten free. Simply mix with water and refridgerate.

Use code 'RY10' for 10% until 30/06/19

Avila $30 online store voucher


Avila is a women's lifestyle label, offering luxury daywear and active living pieces. Avila produces sustainable and ethical collections designed for effortless styling and refined comfort. Qualities of elegance and naturalness are instilled in all Avila’s garments by selecting luxurious natural fabrics, ensuring quality fit and having an ethical and sustainable approach. No minimum spend. To redeem online, use your unique code listed on the voucher found in your Autumn Box.


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