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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

At the root of beautiful hair is a healthy scalp

At the root of beautiful hair is a healthy scalp

It’s true, beautiful hair begins from within and starts at the roots! Here to explain how boost your haircare routine and get that luscious shiny hair we all desire is Essano

Treat your scalp well, and your hair will show the result - stronger, healthier-looking hair. You have about 100,000 hair follicles that grow hair and produce the oil that keeps the scalp moisturised and helps ward off infections. Keeping the follicles healthy is the best way to ensure optimal hair conditions. 

Many people suffer from scalp problems. Both internal and external factors combine to stress out our hair and scalp. Washing, brushing, heat styling, using harsh products, chemical treatments and colouring along with environmental factors can lead to damaged hair and scalp issues such as an itchy and dry flaky scalp, irritation, redness or worse skin conditions such as dermatitis. These conditions, in even mild cases, can impact our hair health.  Hair can become more prone to breakage and hair loss, split ends and a dull, flat appearance. 

Dandruff is one of the most common scalp conditions which causes the skin on the scalp to flake and to become itchy. Having an oily scalp, with a high amount of sebum, also makes people more prone to dandruff and requires the use of the right product and a good scalp care regime to manage the condition, normalise the scalp and hydrate and nourish the hair. 

Some tips to enjoy a healthy scalp and beautiful healthy hair!

Use shampoos and conditioners that are natural, avoiding ones that contain harmful ingredients – in particular sulphates, silicones and polyethylene glycols (PEGs). While they clean, sulphates also strip natural oil from the hair and scalp while PEGs can be very harsh leading to dryness and a dry, irritated scalp. 

Wash less – over-washing your hair can strip out the natural oils, which promotes more oil production…. and drives the desire to wash more! A switch to hair care products developed especially for scalp health can combat the dryness, the overproduction of oil and balance the PH levels of your scalp, resulting in beautifully healthy hair.

Turn down the heat! Extra hot showers mean extra heat on our scalps! While it might be tempting during the colder months, hot water strips moisture from your hair leaving it feeling brittle while cold temperatures dry out scalps resulting in itching and flaking.

And lastly, instead of using conditioner, try a hair mask once a week. Masks are specially formulated to penetrate the hair fibre, providing deep hydration that restores the hair from within, making your hair look shiny and vibrant.

All roads don’t have to lead to a dry, itchy and flaky scalp.  Make a few simple changes to your hair and scalp care routine today.


Essano delivers a range of natural, salon-quality formulations developed with powerful ingredients, for beautiful, healthy hair. Their range includes a solution for all haircare needs. Intense Hydration Argan Oil moisturises hair and restore shine, while the Repair and Smooth Keratin range smooths and strengthens. essano Blonde Tone-Correcting Purple range balances and tones hair, keeping it vibrant and shiny while their new Scalp Refresh range instantly refreshes the scalp, remove irritating dandruff flakes.

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