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The Benefits Of Collagen For Skin, Gut, Hair, Nails & SO Much More!

The Benefits Of Collagen For Skin, Gut, Hair, Nails & SO Much More!

We all wish for the flawless youthful skin of a Hollywood celebrity and are often let down by the willingness of our leading ladies to share their skin care secrets. I mean, how many more times do we need do we need to hear “I drink a lot of water.” While hydration certainly plays a role in healthy, glowing skin – we aren’t told about the hidden procedures and products that really make the difference.

Collagen for example is a well known protein in the human body vital for strength, elasticity and plumpness of our skin. Unfortunately however our body’s natural production of this collagen slows around our mid twenties and this is when we begin to notice physical signs of ageing. It is for this reason that dermatologists often encourage patients to increase consumption of collagen supplements and promoting foods in the hopes of saving time and improving glow.

Natural is always best in our opinion so when  it comes to supplements we always like to see if we can achieve the same result with healthy, whole foods. Unfortunately in the case of collagen it can be extremely challenging to consume a powerful enough dosage to really pack an anti-ageing punch. That’s not to mention that sometimes a collagen supplement or powder is simply more convenient.  Naturally, we knew that we had to do our research and find our loyal subscribers the purest and very best collagen supplement on the market. And boy did we learn a few things in our travels!

(…Oh and we found the best – Puresque Marine Collagen, but we’ll get to that.)

During our many research sessions we learnt that not only is collagen good for our skin but also our muscles, bones and cartilage, our gut health AND our hair and nails! A 2013 study for example showed that taking a collagen peptide supplement may help treat and prevent injury and degeneration of ligaments and tendons as we age. Similarly, daily collagen supports the strength and sturdiness of our bones, increasing bone and mineral density, size, and decreasing the risk of brittle bones and other injuries.

For those of us who experience gut issues, collagen just might be the magic pin we’ve been looking for. Did you know that the connective tissue within the gut lining and digestive tract is made up of collagen? Well it is! And that means that “leaky gut” – a weakened gut lining – can be strengthen by additional collagen supplementation. Thats right – tiredness, moodiness, bloating and upset stomachs after eating, be gone!

Flaky hair and nails just might be gone too! Yep, collagen protein is the major building block of our hair and nails too – meaning that if you too suffer from weak, splitting nails or thinning, damaged hair, taking a Puresque Marine Collage supplement daily may just help replenish and strengthen your nails and support healthier hair growth.

It’s amazing how what was once a celeb secret has now become a well known, researched and trusted skin and health care powerhouse. And with brands like Puresque making collagen easy and accessible all thats left to do is decide which smoothie to slip it into.

The Puresque Replenish Blend is is an all natural, raw material with an extremely low heavy metal content making it one of the cleanest and highest quality marine collagen supplements on the market today. It’s made using 100% sustainably sourced (MSC approved), wild caught, deep-sea cod from the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.


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