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The skin/gut health connection

The skin/gut health connection

 **By special guest, Dayne De La Zuchi - Bch Nutritionist and founder of For Sunday People**

Founder & resident nutritionist at For Sunday People, Dayne, is the guru when it comes to the skin and gut connection. There is no miracle product that will heal your skin better than that of the human body and that is exactly what Dayne will teach you. Read on to learn how calm & clear skin, starts within.

1. Hydrate

Did you know? Water is actually a vital nutrient that should contain minerals like magnesium, silica and electrolytes that assist in long-lasting hydration, skin detoxification & delivering vital nutrients around the body, increasing the health of your skin. Drinking alkaline mineral water daily is your number one for healthy, hydrated skin. 

2. Gut health 

A healthy, low-stress lifestyle with an emphasis on sleep, exercise, mindfulness and a high amount of plant-based foods is the best way to support a healthy gut. But if suffering from leaky gut - which is the number one cause of skin problems -  then it’s best to take a gut priming powder to help repair and support your gut biome.

3. Probiotics

When your gut is healed it can support healthy gut flora, aka “good bacteria”, which supports your overall health, digestive function, immunity, nutrient absorption and - yep, you guessed it - your ticket to healthy glowing skin. Fermented foods, kefir and capsulated probiotics are your go to for inner-balance.

4. Parasites/worms

Did you know? Traditionally we would parasite cleanse at least twice a year. Parasites and worms are more common than ever and are the number one cause of digestive & skin issues. We highly recommend taking a parasite cleanse while detoxing with wholefoods 2 times per year. Your skin and inner health will be GLOWING!

5. Processed foods/sugar

Eating refined sugars daily can lead to leaky gut which destroys your gut biome, causing “inner” inflammation, which in turn causes “outer” SKIN inflammation. Cutting sugar out of your daily diet will decrease inflammation, boost your energy levels and improve your overall skin health.

6. Plant-based whole foods

The number ONE for healthy skin! Plant-based foods are rich in bioactive compounds, including vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, polyphenols, and phenolic acids, which contribute to oxidant defence, lower inflammation, and feed the entire body with essential nutrients for GLOWING SKIN.


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  • Tennille

    This article couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been suffering from periocular dermatitis since having COVID-19 in July. My skin is really suffering and the topical steroid cream prescribed by the doctor has caused a bigger flare up. My naturopath did say that the skin is a reflection of what is going on inside my gut. I will now follow this advice and hopefully it resolves my skin issues.

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