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Enjoying the micro-moments

Enjoying the micro-moments

When we think of the most joyful occasions of our lives, we probably think of births, celebrations, milestones, achievements, anniversaries, events, and all the significant markers that define our lives.

You know, the type of things that only happen once in a while.

When you look at that list from a bird’s eye view, there’s something that becomes clear. We tend to focus on the major events. We find meaning, fulfilment and purpose in those big-deal, highlight-reel moments; the ones that don’t exist in the everyday.

But if the goal is to build a life full of happiness (which for many of us, it is), how can we do that if we only find joy in those once-a-month occasions, once-a-year celebrations, and once-in-a-lifetime milestones?

Finding heart-exploding happiness in the midst of everyday life is possible; it happens when you shift your perspective to notice, appreciate and experience the mini joys.

The mini joys are those little moments that happen each day; the ones that often pass by without us consciously realising them. It’s a short-lived flutter in your heart or sense of pleasure when you take a second to slow down and see it; it’s a feeling of hope, happiness and excitement at something great, even in the midst of a busy day.

It could be a toasted sandwich in the middle of the day that really hits the spot; seeing your favourite pastry back on the menu; a quick hello text from a friend; the way the sun shines on your skin. It might be a kitty in the window, staring as you pass by; a good line in a song on the radio; or smiling at a stranger in the street. It’s stopping to savour your first sip of coffee in the morning; pulling on warm socks when your feet are cold; and finding a new book to cosy up with. It all matters.

And it can matter just as much as the big things.

These small, fleeting parts of our day — with so much potential to put a smile on your face — are everywhere, if you really look for them.

Those moments feel so much bigger when we stop and truly feel them; when we consciously make them matter in our minds; when we stop at the end of each day and count every mini joy we were so lucky to notice.

When you’re mindful, present and aware of how every day is jam-packed with joy, every day begins to feel as wonderful as the best day of your life.

 There is so much happiness to be found — you just have to reach out and take it.


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