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How self reflection can help you be a better you

How self reflection can help you be a better you
When was the last time you took a conscious moment to really look back on your life, your history and all your experiences up until now?

Was it at the start of the year, while you took stock of the 12 months just gone? Or was it when the clock struck and you turned another year older? Or, was it neither... maybe never?

There aren’t many times a year that you are called into reflection, but the act of reflecting is an ever so important exercise.

In a busy world, the life you lead is noisy, fast paced and ever changing. You are always moving forward, looking towards the next thing, the next event, the next task, but all that forward motion leaves little room to see how far you’ve already come. To relish in all that you’ve achieved to get where you already are.

What if instead of reflecting once a year, you reflected one a month, once a week or every day? You would become more present in your journey, grateful for all that you have and, most importantly, proud of how far you’ve come.

It’s with reflection that comes a mindset shift. It’s with reflection that your outlook on life can change. It’s with reflection that you begin to see the highs and lows of life as an ever present ebbing and flowing tide. It’s with reflection that you can find a greater sense of connection to self.

There are many ways of reflecting; meditating, talking, thinking, drawing, writing, or journaling. All of these help you learn more about yourself, identify patterns, habits, ways of thinking and regular themes in your life.

To help you get into the mode of self-reflection, we've put together these journal prompts to get you thinking, contemplating, and digging a little deeper:

1. How are you feeling at the moment? Are you feeling content in your life, or are you feeling like something is lacking?

2. Can you recall a time in your life where you felt incredible? Where you felt truly grounded, confident and energised?

3. If yes, when was this? What was happening in your life at the time? Were you single/taken? Where were you working? What were your habits like? Why do you think you felt so good? How can you get to a place where you feel like this again?

4. If no, why have you never felt this way? What is stopping you from feeling incredible? What are the habits and barriers that are getting in the way? What changes can you make to feel confident, grounded and whole in your own skin?

5. What is one thing you could do today to change your life for the better?

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  • Jodie

    Great journalling prompts, thank you! I needed this after coming through a horrible Easter with the entire family getting sick. I needed some positivity.

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