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How Your Head Reflects Your Space

How Your Head Reflects Your Space

Ever feel like you’re surrounded by STUFF?

You crave tidiness… to walk into your room and for everything to be where it should, for your car to just be clean.

The problem is, sometimes you don’t know where to start and it’s overwhelming. There's too much to go through and you’re not sure of what to keep or what to get rid of.

Maybe, like me, you look around your space and think ‘where did all of this stuff come from?!’ I’d often think ‘I have no clothes’ yet my wardrobe was jam-packed full of stuff I hadn’t worn in years. I justified keeping things, yet I complained that I didn’t have enough.

I moved house 3 years ago. I moved from my average sized bedroom in my family home into a 3 bedroom house – on my own. I remember thinking to myself as I checked out all the rooms ‘wow there is so much storage what will I fill all these cupboards with?!’ I vowed to myself to always keep a neat house. But if you’d have opened the cupboards you would have caught me out… they were a complete shambles! My hoarding specialized in momentos, old letters and ornaments and it got way out of hand.

Trying to find anything was always a stressful job – as soon as I’d open the cupboard things would fly at me and then I’d get caught up reading an old letter or going through an old photo album reminiscing on the good old days!

Then one day it dawned on me, this mess was taking up more than just my cupboard space – it was taking up my energy as well. How was I possibly able to accept new things into my space (and life) when I was holding on to so much unnecessary and useless stuff from the past? Did I really need that top that I used to wear religiously? Or those shoes that never really fitted me, but the day I bought them was one I remembered really well? Or that ornament that Mum gave me when I was 5? Or the lava lamp that sat on my desk (yep. true) that I’d probably turned on once… AH NO.

The answer is I didn’t.

There were at least 10 items of clothing in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn in over a year, utensils in the kitchen that I’d never even touched, and an array of beauty products in my bathroom that were still sealed. Yet, I complained that I don’t have enough… and I’d go out and buy more!

You do it too, I know you do! So… if we’re not using them… and they aren’t useful… why do we still have them?

Why can’t we let them go?

Why do we hold on?

It’s because we’re scared – we fear change, we fear loss, we fear regret.

I found that I’d buy something and rather than replacing something old with something new, I had to keep both. How does that work?

Why buy the new thing if part of you still wants to hold on to the old thing?

How come some things we can throw away without a second thought but others we just hold on to in case maybe one day we need it?

Why are we attached to things that are no longer useful to us?

Not too long ago I realized that it’s the same pattern I had with regards to people in my life. I’d hold on to them even though they were taking up my time, energy and no longer serving a purpose for me, but because of our memories and the fun times I couldn’t let them go.

The first thing my clients do when we start working together is CLEANSE, DETOX and CLEAN OUT. It’s 100% necessary if you want to live a healthy, wealthy and truly happy life. It’s so important because your HEAD reflects your space. Something that’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours is being mirrored in the way that you portray yourself through the things that you own.

Maybe you’re a neat freak and can’t deal when someone shifts something in your space.

Or maybe like me, you accumulate things that you’ll never use.

How does your space reflect your head?

Whether it’s a room clean-out, a car-clean or a mind detox we all need to clear out the stuff at some point to make space for new and exciting things...

It’s only once you’ve cleared out all the junk (legitimately, let it go) that you will have enough room for the things that you’ve been wanting.

So often women come to me wanting more in their life – more love, more fun, more happiness, more confidence, more money but what they don’t know is that the things that they’re holding on to are preventing them from getting the things that they truly want.

What are you holding on to and what do you really want?

Allocate a morning or afternoon to clearing out and de-cluttering. Make it a part of having a day for you. Think about the areas of your life that you’ve been holding on to things; maybe it’s your ex or your friend, or your job that you can’t stand. With letting these things go, what do you want to make room for in your life?

If you are a neat freak and always make sure that you throw things out, think about how quickly removing physical objects from your life might be reflected in your relationships with people. Why might it be like this? Is there a relationship that you want in your life but you find that this issue does prevent you from having it? How might you like this to change?

When you become mindful of the patterns you create in your life, you can only start to improve, change and grow.


Erin Reghenzani helps women like you overcome fear, self-doubt and that stuck feeling through her one-on-one coaching, group programs and live workshops. Erin knows exactly what it’s like to get stuck in a life that isn’t making you happy; after landing her ‘dream job’ and buying a house at 22 Erin found herself feeling trapped. After committing to finding her passion and doing whatever it took to creating a life she loved, Erin quit her cushy 9-5 and started her own business. Now, at 25 in a happy relationship, with a growing business and feeling the best she’s ever felt, Erin is inspiring and teaching women how to have the self-confidence to live the life they deserve. You can check Erin out at: or email her direct at


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