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It's February - Time To Focus

It's February - Time To Focus

“Life is learning how to breathe, Expanding you, then filling me, Gathering in then putting out, Sitting in stillness then dancing about”

It is now the second month of the year and it is the ultimate time to connect and make your dreams reality! The month of February offers us a time to change and bring positive choices into our lives. Over that last few days you may have found yourself reflecting. Reflecting on small experiences or big events which have had some sort of impact on your life recently. It is important to be aware of these times of reflection. If you have a journal write them down, sit under a tree with a cup of tea and scribble whatever comes into your mind from the past. Acknowledge this time as it helps us to slow down, be mindful and to be present.

Now to the future, what change are you craving? What change do you want to bring into your life to make you feel alive, happy and free? Really feel that change you want, vision it, explore it, live it. Write it down in your journal and manifest how it is going to make you feel. (I am a big believe in journals, if you have never had one give it a go, it may change your life).

Spend time reflecting on this change, and during reflection ask yourself - "Does this align with my truth? By supporting this choice and change in my life will I be living true to myself? Am I making this choice our of fear, ego or pressure from family, partners or friends? Or am I making this new choice/change from love and true passion?" Does it light you up, get you excited and make you smile? If it does, if you felt a little shiver of excitement come over you when thinking about this new piece of amazingness that you're going to bring into your life then… knuckle down!! Make a game plan and CREATE that change!!

Write it in your journal, your planner and all over your vision board!

To support this positive choice we need to ensure we show a great deal of commitment. We need to hold ourselves accountable to ensure this change actually happens, and this takes dedication and discipline! All well and good to make a choice and to commit to it, but you will need discipline to help bite you on the bum when you opt to go back to old habits. Be strong with yourself, know that you will be happier, healthier and lighter in the end. Tell your best friends, share with your family. Keep positive reminders around your home. Stick post-it-notes on your bathroom mirror, in your car or on your fridge. Tell your friends and family and believe it when you tell them! This will ensure that you receive results out of your choices. You have a vision and a direction and if you are truly passionate about this choice then all you need is the dedication to make it happen.

Remember whenever you come to a place in your life that you have to make a decision ask yourself… am I coming from a place of LOVE or FEAR does it light you up and make you feel like you or does it make you feel heavy, sad and down. Choose love and you will choose happiness.

Now go turn on your favourite tunes… Open your 2016 journal or create a vision board with your dreams, goals and vision for the year, and make that shit happen!

Love, Sarah xx  

Sarah Hunter is a yoga teacher residing on the Surf Coast, Australia. She lives for the sun, nature and all things beautiful. She truly believes that yoga has guided her to where she is now, and has given her the support - physically, mentally and emotionally, to do whatever her heart desires. You can find a 'Rise and Shine' yoga sequence by Sarah in our Summer RY Wellness Guide, or join her on Instagram at @sarahelise_yoga .


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