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Joys & Benefits of Bath Salts

Joys & Benefits of Bath Salts

Taking a bath is often considered the optimal 'self-care' ritual. But have you ever considered how adding something as simple as bath salts can add many benefits to your overall health and wellbeing? Here to explain the benefits of the use of bath salts in our self-care routines is Tilley Soaps. 

It is often easy to forget to take that special time to yourself to truly rejuvenate your body and restore your energy.  Submerging our bodies into an inviting bath filled with warm water is proven to be one of the best ways to help recharge and rejuvenate our body, mind, and spirit after a long day. When you first think of a bath, you probably envision the classic bubble bath perhaps with a delicious glass of wine & scented candles, but bath salts are fast becoming an ever-popular at-home pampering option. Using bath salts has been shown to create a relaxing ambience, while also helping to relieve aches & pains, and leaving the skin feeling nourished, moisturised and lightly scented.

Research shows that the macro and trace minerals that are found in salts are beneficial to our health, and these can be absorbed into our bloodstreams during a bath. Some of the more popular versions of bath salts are those that contain added natural benefits such as essential oil and earth-given minerals like magnesium, which can help maximise your experience and results.

Some of the key reasons Tilley Soaps suggest you should start including bath salts into our routine are:

- Relief to aching muscles. Magnesium-rich bath salts can help to soothe muscle aches and pains, and even provide some relief for menstrual cramps.

- Mental clarity. Shutting out the world, adding a few handfuls of bath salts to a warm bath and spending even 15-20 minutes once a week relaxing can help to increase circulation around the body which helps our internal systems to recharge. Recharging our internal systems helps create mental and spiritual clarity.

- Increasing moisture in your skin. Soaking in a warm salted bath can help hydrate the skin, decrease inflammation, and improve skin barrier function.

- Improved sleep. Using bath salts that contain certain pure essential oils, such as lavender, and magnesium sulphates can help the mind & body relax and therefore assist our bodies in restful sleep.

Whether you are seeking healthier, hydrated silkier skin, to soothe aching muscles and joints or a better night’s sleep, bath salts can help play an important and beneficial role within our daily routine.


Celebrating its 156-year anniversary in 2021, Tilley is proudly the oldest 100% Australian-owned soap manufacturer. Founded by Arthur Tilley in 1865, the Tilley business has continued to expand from predominantly manufacturing soap varieties to now also manufacturing an extensive home fragrance and body care range, including hand-poured scented Soy Candles, unique triple-scented Reed Diffusers, luxurious Hand & Body Lotions & Washes and even a 100% Pure Essential Oil collection.

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